This guide will take you through why having a fan is optimal, the different types of fans that are available, and how to find the best fan for your ne

During the summer months, when things get very warm, it can be important to stay as cool as possible. When things get really warm, the sweat starts to come and it gets extremely uncomfortable. The thing is that finding different ways to stay cool can vary and some are definitely easier than others.

That is why fans remain such an integral part of the summer setting. Sure, there are a lot of different ways to keep your home cool, but there are a ton of different reasons why having a fan can be the best way to go.

This guide will take you through why having a fan is optimal, the different types of fans that are available, and how to find the best fan for your needs.

What are the main benefits of owning a Ceiling Fan?

When trying to stay cool during those hot summer months, there are a variety of things that can be done to achieve this. And while central air conditioning might be the preferred method for many people, it can be very expensive to run since it is cooling the entire house.

Then, there are those single-room air conditioning units. These units are usually positioned in a windowsill and have a few obvious caveats. These units tend to be very heavy and difficult to move. Not only that, they can change the humidity of the room and can still be somewhat expensive to use, especially if you are running it for long periods of time.

That is why having a fan can be so beneficial. There is a wide range of fans available that will make the room far cooler at a far more reasonable cost. When you have a fan, they also tend to be a little quieter and are very much portable. When you have a standard oscillating fan, you can bring it with you anywhere you want.

Fans are even versatile enough to be brought outside for usage. If you want to head out into the garden or backyard but don’t want to spend the entire time sweating, having a fan with you can do a lot of good. Air conditioning units don’t offer that level of versatility.

That level of versatility makes fans the preferred choice for the summer months. You can bring as many fans as you want into a particular room so that they can provide a cooling effect without the high costs or noise that comes with an air conditioner.

What are the different types of fans?

There are more than a few types of fans to choose from and knowing what you need out of your fan is important to finding the right kind of fan. Particularly, if you live alone in a smaller space, you might not need so big of a fan to keep the space cool, whereas a family-sized unit may need something like a ceiling fan to get the space cooler. It depends on a variety of factors.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a more and more popular option for homes across the world. This is because they serve two functions: cooling the entire room and providing light as well. The latter is because the majority of ceiling fans now come with built-in lighting fixtures. Often times, the fixture will have one chord for the fan itself and another for the light so that you can control them separately.

Having a ceiling fan can also make it that you don’t need other lighting fixtures in the room, cutting down on the amount of heat that is generated in a smaller space. Having lamps is great because you can right sections of the room that you want to light, but they also generate tremendous amounts of heat and can warm up the room quickly.

Ceiling fans, as opposed to those personal or portable fans, can cool an entire room as well. If you have others who live with you, going the route of portable fans can be expensive because you need multiple fans to address everyone in the room whereas a ceiling fan can cool everyone in the room.

Another thing that ceiling fans bring to the table is that they can offer a stylish aesthetic, making the room feel more elegant. If you pick a ceiling fan that has a nicer lighting fixture to it, you can give that room a bit of luxury and elegance, making it feel somehow traditional yet stylish and modern at the same time.

Ceiling fans are the most practical option out there in terms of fans because of just how much they can do. While they are secured in a single spot and can’t be transported, they are great for any single room in your home.

Portable Fans

These are your other common types of fans. These portable fans can come in a huge array of sizes and settings; it is important to determine where you plan to put this fan and who it is cooling. If it is just you that needs cooling, you can find any size or style that will do the job and can do so for relatively cheap.

Best of all, as their name states, they are portable. You can move from room to room with your fan, staying cool regardless of where you want to hang out. Even if you want to go out into the yard and hang out, you can have your fan with you to keep you nice and cool.

Very versatile, these types of fans make a great, cost-effective option for staying cool during the hotter summer months.

What are the key specifications and features of a fan?

There are a few different things that you want to keep in mind when purchasing a fan for your home. They are all dependent on your personal preferences, so these are not to be taken as a universal guide for buying a fan; get what suits you best.

Power settings

Not all fans are created equally and not all of them will generate the same amount of airflow as the next. Finding a fan that can keep you cool even in the hottest settings is what makes them so valuable, to begin with.

Find the fan with the widest range of power settings. This gives you options as far as staying cool, so you can get the right amount of air to keep you cool without leaving you shivering. Your cheaper fans will come with fewer options and you have to just roll with whatever those are.


Some fans have the ability to rotate back and forth, giving you a quick shot of cool air instead of the repeated air flowing over you continuously. This helps to keep you cool without having to worry about getting cold.

Not all fans have this feature; some will only keep cool the area they are pointed at. Having the oscillating feature is an added bonus to help you stay as comfortable as possible even in the hottest months of the year.


As with power settings, not all fans are created to be the same size. There are some industrial-sized ones that are huge and are meant to keep larger areas cooler thanks to higher-powered gusts of air. Knowing the amount of space that you have to keep cool will give you the best idea as to what size fan that you need.

If you have a smaller space, you won’t need or want something bigger because it will likely take too much space and become an obstacle instead of an essential tool. If you go with smaller fans, particularly of the oscillating type, you can distribute multiple fans throughout the room to keep the entire space as cool as possible without having to take a blast of air from one single direction constantly.

How to choose the best fan for me?

Choosing the best fan for your needs depends on a few things. The first and most important aspect is always the budget. You can spend what you can spend and suggest models that are out of your price range will only leave you feeling like you are getting less than optimal.

After budget, the size of the space matters, too. You can get a ceiling fan to cool the entire room or you can get a standard oscillating fan that you can position anywhere and that will fan you directly. It all depends on what you find more convenient.

What is convenient is the cost associated with a fan versus an air conditioning unit. While those are great and can keep the room nice and cool (or even cold for those who prefer it), they can get costly in a hurry, especially if you are planning to run that air conditioner every single day.

Know what you want to spend, know how big of an area that you need to cover, and what kind of utility bill that you can take on. Finding the right cooling option will depend on those three, but you can find a fan that will no doubt cover all three of those necessities.