Choosing a good computer desk will impact your performance and ability to work or play for long hours. Read this guide and find the right one for you.

The way that we work has changed exponentially as technology has developed. With the procession and development of computers, the way that we do our jobs has changed as well. We can accomplish a lot more virtually than ever before. And with that development has come the ability to take that work home with us.

Work from home

Perhaps more than ever, people are working from home in some capacity. There are some who do their full-time jobs from the comfort of their own home while others do so at least on a part-time basis. And there are some individuals who work all day at their office and then bring their work home with them for even more.

Because of this development and the ability for employees to work at home, the need for a comfortable yet organized workspace has become more important than ever. For those who do all of their work from home, this can mean sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours on end.

And because work is being done at home, these people often put themselves into home offices or setups where there are few distractions. Plopping down on the couch with a laptop might not be the best idea if you are easily distracted.

This is where having a comfortable and organized workspace can be even more essential. You need to make sure that you are focused on your work and having the right workspace can keep you both organized and on task. It can act as a sort of sanctuary, a place where you can escape to do your work without distraction.

Not only that, it can simulate the feeling of being at work and having your own personal desk; this is the place to get work done and your brain will subconsciously become aware of that. This will help with your production levels while keeping you focused and on task.

What are the key features of a computer desk

This can depend greatly on just what kind of work you are doing, but there are a number of common features that are important for a homework desk. While you might not need to check off every box on this list, you will find that a great work desk will likely check off several of them.


This might not be so important if you don’t deal with documents on a regular basis, but there are a number of jobs out there where handling paperwork is a regular occurrence. Being able to store those hardcopy files can be important so that you can stay organized but easily access the files that you need to.

Additionally, having storage space can be important for your other office supplies. Sometimes you will need access to a pen, a notebook, some paper clips or anything else that you might need and you should have the space necessary to store those things within easy reach.


The way that a work desk is constructed can make a great deal of difference. You generally want something sturdier so that it will stand up to the wear and tear of usage but that will likely make it a bit heavier and more difficult to move.

If you go for cheaper materials, however, then you might find yourself needing to replace the desk before long. Finding that perfect balance between movability and sturdy construction is highly important.

There are several materials that a work desk will be made out of: metal, wood, plastic, and synthetics that each have their own pros and cons. Finding the right material for your desk is likely the first step in choosing a work desk that will suit your needs best.

What are the different types of computer desks

Not all desks are created equally and, depending on what you are looking to use it for, one type might be woefully inadequate for the task at hand. When choosing a desk, it is important to know just what you might be using it so that you can get the right features. Here are just a few types of desks that you might be looking at.

Standard office desk

This is pretty simple from a geometric standpoint: they are usually a big, flat surface with a cutout space in the center for your legs. There are typically drawers on either or both sides as well as in the middle for maximum storage.

This kind of desk is very straightforward and meant for someone who does standard office work. You might need the additional desktop space to handle paperwork, do a bit of writing, or any other activity where you would be required to have a little bit more space.

A standard office desk is also great for storage capabilities. Even on the most stripped-down model, you are likely to have drawers to store things like paperwork, files, office supplies, and whatever else it is you might need to store. These can be a bit uncomfortable to deal with if used in any other scenario, but they get the job done.

Desktop tables

This sort of desk tends to be a bit thinner and less bulky and is generally constructed from either lightweight metals or plastics. There isn’t much in the way of storage because those using it don’t generally need a lot of storage, to begin with.

Desktop tables typically have two tiers: a lower tier where the keyboard and mouse rest and a slightly elevated tier for the monitor while the tower itself rests on a slightly elevated platform underneath. This is to minimize clutter and give the hands more room to operate with the mouse and keyboard while keeping the monitor closer to eye level. This is great for keeping your neck from straining due to a need for angling your head up or down.

Laptop tables

As simplistic as a desktop table can be, laptop tables are even more so. This is because the laptop has all of the features built-in; the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and physical computer all combined together, meaning you don’t need quite as much space to operate.

This is great for smaller spaces like apartments or a shared situation where storage is at a premium. You don’t have the ability for a bigger desk and being able to put this table away allows for versatility when it comes to organizing the look of your apartment.

The only downside here is that should you need more room, it just isn’t there. This is for people who enjoy using their laptops to save space and need a desk at a moment’s notice. If you need storage or additional space, this isn’t the choice for you.

Portable laptop tables

This truly is the option for those on the go. Keeping your laptop in your lap presents a few different issues. The first is that the posture of having to slump your shoulders can be very uncomfortable and lead to aches with your back and shoulders. No one wants to have to deal with that.

The second is that the laptop can get quite hot, leading you to burn your legs after prolonged usage. And for men, in particular, it has been proven that it is unhealthy for virility to have a laptop near that area for long.

With a portable laptop table, you can have a makeshift desk anywhere you want it to be. It keeps your laptop flat, on a cool surface, and allows you to sit comfortably and not have to worry about any of the aforementioned issues. Great for having a desk in a pinch to add a little bit of structure to your work situation.

Computer table for gaming

These can vary quite a bit depending on what you are looking for. The more bare-bones option can look very similar to a desktop table in that there’s a separate space for the monitor and keyboard/mouse. But with a computer gaming table, there is more space for additional monitors as well since gamers enjoy having the split-screen feature.

There are variations that can come with a bit more space as well as some shelving to store things like games and accessories, but that all depends on what kind of room you are looking to take up with your gaming desk.

How to choose the right one

Finding the right work desk depends greatly on what you intend to use it for. If you are doing office work from home, having a bigger desk can be beneficial so that you can have that additional space to do any writing or store files

For those looking for a more versatile and compact setup, something like a laptop table or a portable laptop table might be for the best. You can set it up at any time in any place without taking up much space while getting all the benefits that a flat space offers.

Proper lighting is also important. There are things like backlit keyboards to take into consideration as well as desk lights that will provide enough light for space without having to keep the entire room lit. Really, it depends on personal preference but there are a ton of different options available for all different needs and wants.