This deal guide will illustrate why you must have a dash cam installed in your car. We will present all the features and capabilities you should know.

The dashboard camera, also known as a dash cam, is one piece of technology that has become more popular than ever over the past couple of years thanks to a litany of benefits that they offer. In the event that you have never heard of a dash cam before, they simply mount to the dashboard of your car and it is designed to record images and sound while you are driving your car.

The main purpose of a dash cam is to record everything that takes place both inside and outside of the car. They are becoming more and more popular for pedestrian drivers, but remain a regular part of life for taxi drivers, driving instructors, law enforcement, bus drivers, and more.

What exactly can a dash cam do for you? Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a dash cam in your car as soon as you can.

Why do I need a dash cam in my car?


One of the most beneficial uses of a dashboard camera is in the event of an accident. Millions of drivers have decided to implement dash cams for just this reason. When you implement a dash cam, it begins recording as soon as your engine starts. From there, it provides efficient, real-time, straight-to-the-point evidence in the event of an accident.

This makes the insurance claims process all the easier and will take the headaches out of the entire process. This alone can make a dash cam worth the price of getting one.

Against irresponsible drivers

Undisciplined drivers are all over the road. We have all had an encounter with at least one driver that we considered to be a bad or irresponsible driver throughout our lives. These undisciplined drivers can be reckless in nature in addition to being generally annoying and bothersome.

With a dash cam, you can record the ultimate proof against those bad and irresponsible drivers. This is especially helpful for truly reckless drivers or even drunk drivers. Using the video evidence can help you report them and also comes in handy when dealing with road rage accidents.

In the United States, most of the states have programs in place dedicated to drivers that want to report bad, reckless, or drunk drivers. Acting in any manner that you can to rid the road of these irresponsible drivers is an important step towards making the roads safer than ever before.

Driving instruction

If you have a teenager that is just starting to drive and you don’t fully trust their driving ability, a dash cam can go a long way towards getting the peace of mind that you deserve when handing over the keys to your teenager.

A lot of dash cam devices also have built-in GPS devices as well, so that you can record the routes that your teenager is taking. If you don’t want them driving to certain places, the GPS will let you know when they venture that way. This is an excellent way to keep tabs on that new-to-the-road driver and ensuring that they are driving safely and responsibly. Check our latest dash cams with built-in GPS deals! 

Prevent insurance fraud

Believe it or not, insurance fraud is a common problem when it comes to drivers across the United States. Simply put, there are some drivers that will purposely cause accidents in hopes of extorting money from the victim or the insurance company. This happens far more often than you would think and is a very real concern.

With a dash cam, you can prevent these things from happening. Anyone trying to fake an injury after an accident or who does something that is not upstanding or honest will be caught on film and their story will be proven as bunk.

Having video evidence in your corner when dealing with bogus insurance or medical claims can really come in handy.

Record your road trip

When you take a road trip, it is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Those experiences are something that you and your friends and family can harken back to for a long time to come. But what better way to remember those experiences than to have them on video?

With a dash cam, you can record your entire trip from start to finish and capture all of those memories to be relived again and again. Best of all, you can even edit the trip into interesting, high-quality videos that you can share online or with friends and family. There is no better way to relieve a trip than that.

Record break-ins

Having a dash cam in place can keep your car protected from vandals. In the event that someone does break into your car, that dopey criminal will be caught on film, giving the police a chance to catch the offender and to possibly get anything that was stolen back.

Most dash cams now have the capability to be operated remotely as well, sending recorded video to a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. This is designed to give flexibility and convenience to the user as well as providing the peace of mind that most dash cam users are looking for.

Catch the unexpected

Maybe you have seen a crazy dash cam video on YouTube and secretly hoped that you could capture something cool and crazy. With a dash cam in place, you will always have the perfect vantage point and be ready when something crazy does happen.

The best part of having a dash cam is that it records while you do your everyday driving, so you don’t have to be on guard for something crazy to happen. It will record the entire time and catch anything out of the norm that may happen. Before you know it, you will likely have more than a few moments that are worth sharing that have been caught on camera.

What dash cam specifications do I need to have?

Not all dash cams are made equally. Especially when it comes to older models, there may not be the features available that you want in your perfect dash cam. That is why it is important to know what specifications you desire in a dash cam and which ones are the right for you.

Here is a list of specifications that are important to have in the perfect dash cam:

Video Resolution

When purchasing a dash cam, you will at least want HD 720 recording capabilities. You want your camera to have footage that is as sharp as possible. You need that sharp footage to capture things like faces, car makes and models, and license plate numbers. There are dash cams that currently offer HD 1080p as well as 2K resolution, but there is one tradeoff: the video files are much larger.

Storage Capacity

Recording videos is great but if you can’t store them, what good is that function? At a bare minimum, you should have at least 64GB of storage capacity. When you have a higher resolution dash cam, the video files will be much larger and will, therefore, take much more storage to hold.

An hour or so of 720p footage might take up 1-2GB of storage whereas that same hour in 1080p might run you upwards of 6GB of storage. Always make sure that you have the proper amount of storage in your dash cam when you make your purchase.

Night Vision capability

Having the capability to film in night vision is a huge feature to have. Accidents and break-ins don’t just occur during the day, after all. Street lights might provide ample light for recording, but you can’t always depend on that. Click here for our dash cam deals with night vision .

Having night vision capabilities means that you can get visual coverage even on the darkest of nights. If that is not peace of mind, I don’t know what is.

Automatic On/Off

There are dash cams like some mentioned previously, that will turn on when the engine turns on and off when it shuts off. This is an absolute must-have feature because it would be just your luck to forget to turn your camera on and something crazy happens where you need the recorded footage. With an automatic on/off capability, you never have to worry about that kind of scenario playing out before you.

Loop Recording

What happens when your camera’s storage fills up, you might ask? Well, that depends on the camera that you have. Some dash cams might just stop recording. This is a problem because you will not capture any incidents that way.

But there are other dash cams that will simply loop back and begin recording over the oldest footage. This might not be ideal, but you are more likely to need that new footage than you are the older footage and you always want those recordings to be there.


While it might not be an essential feature to have, GPS can be highly beneficial. Not only can you use it to track your teenage drivers or people who may be borrowing your car, it can also come in handy during an accident.

That’s right, you can use GPS to record your speeds as well as locations which can come in handy when fighting a speeding ticket or proving fault in an accident. GPS is a highly beneficial feature to have at your disposal.

Camera size

This is one of those features that is entirely up to the user. Smaller cams might be more difficult for users to see while driving. Then again, if the dash cam is too big, it might obstruct the driver’s field of vision when seeing out of the windshield.

Really, finding the right size for you is important for you to determine. Generally speaking, safer tends to be smaller, but whatever makes you most comfortable is what is important.

Front and rear camera

I know what you are thinking: how can the camera record an accident if I’ve been hit in the rear of my car? Easy: with front and rear-facing cameras. There are some dash cams on the market that are offered in pairs, meaning you get total coverage for your car in the event of an accident.

Even if you are not hit directly from behind, you are simply getting additional angles that are recording all the while. This gives you even more of an advantage of capturing those essential moments that you might have missed with only a front-facing camera. Keep yourself as prepared for any moment as you possibly can.

Which dash cam is the right one for me?

Ultimately, like any other product out there, it is up to the features that you would most like. As mentioned previously, it is essential that you have a high-res recording function and a lot of memory to store those recordings. After that, it is all based on personal preference.

Having things like GPS capability or built-in mounts might be useful to some but they may also be extra bells and whistles to others. Really, whatever you feel like you might use the most will be the best features to add to your dash cam.

Having the capability of recording all of your driving scenarios will go a long way towards ensuring that you are protected when driving and that you can easily file and dispute claims in the event of an accident. Even one of those situations will make the cost of any dash cam worth the price.

A dash cam provides a level of security and peace of mind unlike any other when it comes to your automobile. While it would be wonderful to avoid those sticky situations altogether, life happens and those things will too. Putting yourself in the best position possible thanks to a dash cam is the smart decision.

Find the dash cam that has the features that fit you and make sure that you install one on your dash as soon as possible. The next time you get into a fender bender or capture a crazy moment that you had never expected to experience, you will be thankful that your dash cam was recording the entire time. Today you can find online a variety of dash cams produced by different manufacturers and distributed by different vendors. will help you find the dash cams best suited for your requirements while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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