This deal guide presents the basic types and features of digital cameras to help you find the right one for you.

With the rise of smartphones and all that they can do in regards to taking pictures and videos, you might think that digital cameras have gone the way of the dinosaur. But that is not necessarily the truth. Digital cameras still have a variety of uses even as cell phone cameras become more prevalent.

But why would you possibly need that digital camera when you can reach into your pocket and have a high-quality camera available with just a tap or two? Here are a few uses for digital cameras that you might have forgotten all about.

Why do I still need a digital camera? 

Though smartphones can certainly do a great deal when it comes to camera functionality, they are not necessarily the best option on the market. Having a good digital camera at your side can mean the difference between missing a great shot and capturing it to have forever.

Zoom quality. One of the features that makes a digital camera a must-have for photographers is the superior zoom feature. Smartphone cameras offer a digital zoom whereas cameras have an optical zoom. This is a true zoom lens that is meant to produce longer-range shots as well as close-ups with compromising the overall image quality.

Wide-angle views. Being able to shoot that picturesque landscape can capture the true beauty of the scenery. It can also mean the difference between getting most of the family in the picture and every member of the family in the frame. Smartphones are only okay at producing wide-angle shots whereas a digital camera is capable of taking much wider-angle shots.

Better flash. The flash function on a smartphone has a flash feature but it is nowhere near as good as that on a digital camera. Not only that, digital cameras will allow you to adjust the level of flash output so that you can change the overall strength of the flash strobe before taking the shot. Smartphones will not allow for that.

More storage. This has become less of a concern these days as smartphones continue to offer more and more storage, but your average digital camera can hold thousands upon thousands of high-resolution images on very inexpensive memory cards. Your phone also has to account for things like app and data storage, taking up space that you may need for pictures.

Better battery life. One thing about using your smartphone is that you will drain the battery in a number of ways. Using data, taking pictures, using apps, etc. makes for a draining experience on your battery. A digital camera has one feature and function and won’t divert power anywhere else.

Types of digital cameras 

You might lump all digital cameras into one category and that would be somewhat understandable. After all, if you aren’t knowledgeable in the field, they may all seem the same. But believe it or not, there are a ton of different digital camera options available for your use.

Among them, one of the most important digital camera types is a compact camera. A compact camera has smaller dimensions so that you can store them in your pocket instead of having to lug around a camera bag that was specially made for that purpose. This is great for taking pictures on vacations, at weddings, reunions, or other events.

One of the most popular cameras going right now is the 360-degree camera. We don’t see daily life in 180 degrees, so why would your camera experience it that way? With a 360-degree camera, you can experience all that life has to offer and even share it on social media so that friends and family can experience it as you would experience it.

There are also more professional models such as a bridge camera. A bridge camera is just that: a bridge between SLRs and the standard point-and-shoot cameras that have become very popular among digital cameras. A bridge camera provides a degree of manual control functionality, a viewfinder, and a long-range zoom lens. It might not be as popular or powerful as other types of cameras, but it certainly provides the versatility and functionality that users love.

Important specs 

Knowing what specifications that you need in your digital camera is important to get the type of shot that you are aiming for. Know what you are looking for and you will get the perfect shot each and every time out.

Resolution. This is the number of effective pixels that are available to your camera. A camera with more megapixels will be able to create larger prints than one with fewer megapixels. As long as the focus and exposure are good, you should be able to create large, sharp prints that a smartphone can’t match.

Image area and ratio. This refers to the measurements of the photo that the camera can recreate. Being able to match the size of the photo that you want to take is important so that you can match it with the ratio to ensure that you are getting crisp, clear images across all different sizes.

Battery life. Battery life is important if you fancy yourself as a photographer of both the amateur and professional variety. If you use your camera a lot, the one thing that you don’t ever want to have to worry about is having your battery drained at an inopportune time. With improved battery life, you can ensure that all of the shots will be there and that your camera will be ready for far more action in a flash (pardon the pun).

Zoom Lens. This is one of the most essential specifications that you can have in a digital camera. The zoom capabilities are what set a digital camera apart from that of a smartphone camera. When you get something like a 4x optical zoom, that means your lens can shoot at a zoom level that is four times the minimum setting. It is important to note that the zoom function is basically a magnification of the image that has been shot, so you will end up sacrificing some of the image quality in the process.

What accessories might I need? 

There are a surprising amount of accessories for the digital camera that you might not have even considered previously. Having a proper bag or case, equipped with straps, is helpful for safe transit from one destination to the next.

Having a proper monopod or tripod can give you a steady shot that you just cannot achieve when holding the digital camera. The name of the game should be capturing the clearest shot possible and a tripod can certainly help you to get that unique shot clearer than ever.

Storage is another important feature of digital cameras. Being able to ensure that you will not run out of space when capturing all of the images and videos that you can possibly hope for is essential. You will need memory cards to carry with you to ensure that you get all of those images each and every time.

Having the right strap for your camera can make bringing your camera with you anywhere far easier than ever before. There will be no need to lug that digital camera around in your hand like the days of old; let it dangle from your neck comfortably and effortlessly, within quick reach whenever you need to grab the right shot. That level of convenience and ease of use is hard to beat.

As you can see, there is a huge array of accessories that you can put to good use for your digital camera and all of them can make your life infinitely easier than ever before.

Which digital camera is the right one for me? 

Like anything else on the market, it is ultimately up to the user to determine what specifications are the most important to them. Not every user is after the same functions as the rest and what is great for one person may not be so for others.

One user may have a higher preference for something like wide-angle capabilities or better flash photography than they would be concerned with the zoom function. How you capture your images are in the eye of the beholder and there certainly is not one set way to take a photo.

Having a great digital camera with you can mean the difference between a good photo and a great one. Having a digital camera on you might seem a bit archaic, but it can make a huge difference when you want to capture that one unique issue that you have been looking for.

Do your research before acquiring a digital camera. There is a wide array of specifications and accessories available that can drastically change the entire digital camera experience for each user. Knowing what you want out of a digital camera and being able to utilize those features can make the difference that you are looking for when it comes to a digital camera.

Get image quality and zoom function like you have never experienced before with a digital camera at your disposal. Today you can find online a variety of digital cameras produced by different manufacturers and distributed by different vendors.