This guide will review all the technical specifications of the e-scooter and present guidelines on how to choose the right e-scooter for you.

If you haven't noticed our rural and mostly urban landscape has dramatically changed in the last five years. Commuting to and within our cities with a car became an impossible mission not to mention parking. Improvements in public transportation have made some improvements to the infrastructure of mass transportation but reaching the last point is still overbearing and people were looking for a solution for the last mile problem. Thus, e-scooters have entered our lives. The old kid's toy has dramatically evolved in the last few years and the incorporation of new electrical motor together with the new Lithium ion rechargeable battery has changed it into a relevant transportation vehicle for everyone. These new e-scooters on steroids have taken over quickly and now dominate urban personal transportation taking over bicycles and e-bikes.

E-scooters are in use by everyone and people use them for everything from gapping over the last mile, short-distance transportation in congested areas, replacing walking. Since e-scooter are so easy to control and use there are so fun to ride making them extremely popular. Moreover, e-scooter does not burn gas and oil and thus help reduce the overall pollution in our cities. The low side and weight of e-scooter make them perfect for high school and university students as well as office and manufacturing workers. Moreover, e-scooter can be boarded on public transportation and can be easily stored on campus and in there workplace, reducing the need for parking space.

More than 84 million trips were taken by e-scooters and e-bikes

Is it legal to ride my e-scooter?

E-scooters are a new vehicle and thus its legal status is still unclear in some parts of the world. The European Union is deliberating these days and should come up shortly with new legalization for small electric vehicles. However, it is legal for use in many European countries (Germany, Belgium, Sweden, England, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, and Austria) in China, Canada and in the USA. Yet, in some countries, there is age limitation and there are requirements for riding only while wearing a helmet.

Scooters were involved in at least 1,500 injuries and deaths in the US

Key technical specification of e-scooters

Before making a decision on which e-scooter to buy you first have to look and its technical specifications. The key parameters you should focus on are overall built quality, range, capacity, and collapsibility.

Built quality: If you are looking for an e-scooter that will carry you safely and would not fall apart after a couple of hundreds of miles this is the most important parameter. Since there are so many manufacturers and distributors of e-scooters it is hard to make out whos scooters would last. Thus I recommend you go for a more common brand like Xiaomi or segway, but there many new companies that seem to be doing a good job and if the price is right you can take a calculated risk and give a less known company a chance. Another tip is to look for manufacturers that supply the e-scooter used by companies such as Lime, Bird, and Skipp. These are usually built to last.

Range: Naturally the range is a parameter that you should consider based on your intended use. If you just want an e-scooter for bridging over the last mile every e-scooter on the market will have a sufficient range (10-15 miles on a full battery). However, if you wish to use your e-scooter for a longer commute, the range might be the most important parameter for you. There are several parameters defining range. Battery capacity; the greater it is the longer the range. However, as the battery is the most expensive component of e-scooters the is a tight correlation between the two. The other parameter is your own weight. The heavier you are your e-scooter will have to work harder to get you around. Please take into consideration recharging time. Full recharging of an e-scooter battery takes 2-3 hours so if you have an available socket at your destination and sufficient time at that location for recharging you are set.

Capacity: This parameter deal with the available power of the e-scooter motor. The greater the power of the motor, it will be easier to handle as you will have more available power for acceleration and reaching a higher top speed faster. The e-motor power is in a unit of watts. The higher the motor watts the higher the scooter pull-up force and top speed. Common wattage range is 150-300 watts. An e-scooter with a 150 watts motor will be sufficient for children. A full-size adult will require an e-scooter with a 250-300 watts e-motor depending on his/her body weight. Most commercial e-scooters are limited to ~15 miles per hour similar to an e-bike. You should mind this top speed because an e-scooter that exceeds this speed can not ride on public roads.

Collapsibility: This parameter pertains to the ability to fold up your e-scooter. Since e-scooter are relatively light you can easily carry it on your hands. Thus, if you are using public transportation of the major part of your daily commute and your e-scooter is used only to bridge your last mile, high collapsibility is important for you. Additionally, if you don't have parking space for your e-scooter at your destination, again collapsibility is important.

Other technical specification of e-scooters

Quality of ride: If you are riding on a smooth surface, this is a non-issue. However, if the quality of the roads and sidewalks in your area is poor you will want to avoid ‘bone-shaking’ scooters that provide poor quality of the ride. So, which parameters will predict the quality of the ride?

Type of tires: Solid wheels are usually made from hard material and are built to last. However, solid wheels do not provide any suspension, yet they do provide protection from nails and shattered glass and cannot be punctured. Air-filled tires provide some suspension and thus better quality of ride, yet they are susceptible to puncture and thus we recommend you add puncture protection fluid to your scooter tires.

Wheels size: A scooter with small wheels will tend to be more susceptible to potholes. We recommend you buy a scooter with wheels with a diameter of no less than 8 inches.

Suspension: The jury is still out on that one. suspension systems for a scooter are big and heavy. It will improve the way your scooter deals with big bumps but there will be a tradeoff at other parameters. A large scooter without suspension system but with big air-filled tires will provide you with a smooth ride.

Brakes: Safety comes first! choosing the right brakes system is an important factor when considering which e-scooter to buy. The three main types of brakes you can find on e-scooters.

Foot brakes: This is the same type of brakes you have on kids scooters. Just tilt your center of gravity while standing on the rear end mudguard. This braking technique is rudimentary and takes time to master.

Disc brakes and Drum brakes: These are the same type of brakes you will find on a bicycle. They are very reliable but tend to wear out and require service from time to time.

Electric brakes: Not efficient as the disc or drum brakes but hardly require any maintenance.

Maximum load: Most e-scooters are designed to carry a person with a maximum weight of 200 pounds. Many of these scooters will carry you safely even if you weigh more than 200 pounds but it might be dangerous and in case of a problem the warranty might be void.

Size and weight: We recommend you consider these parameters as you might feel there burdon if you commute to work using a combination of public transportation and an e-scooter to gap the last mile to your destination. So, if you need to carry your scooter by hand while mounting or dismounting or even while climbing stairs, weight and size will become an issue. Moreover, the size of the collapsed scooter is also important as you might need to store it in a limited space at your destination or even at home. Most e-scooter weigh over 30 pounds. If you weigh less than 160 pounds and you are not that strong we recommend you get lighter e-scooter in the range of less than 25 pounds.

Lights: Some e-scooter comes with built-in lights. Yet some cheaper brands offer e-scooter with reflectors. we recommend you upgrade and add bicycles led lights to your scooter, especially to improve your safety while riding in the dark.

Other recommended accessories

Helmet: following off your scooter is similar to following off your bicycles and you are highly susceptible to head injury. For this reason alone we recommend you wear a helmet at all times. 

Lock: Your e-scooter is a valuable item that you really upon for daily use. A small portable lock will protect it. 

Phone holder: If you need to use maps, want to listen to music’ or just talk to your friend while riding you will need a phone holder that will allow you to concentrate on your riding

Today you can find online a variety of e-scooter made by different manufacturers and distributed by different vendors. will help you buy the right e-scooter for you while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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