This guide presents the current options available in the market for a single electric stove suitable for small kitchens.

Today, people living in large metropolitan areas enjoy the bustling environments that bring to your doorstep everything you can wish for. Moreover, the rising prices of flats in these high demand cities force people into smaller apartments. This natural process changed the way we design our living environment and how old habits are evolving. One of the places that have dramatically changed is our kitchen. The kitchen used to be the focal point of our home and that hasn't changed much. However, food delivery services have exploded in the last five years, especially in high demand cities where people work hard to support the high cost of living. This process led to people dining in and/or eating out much more than before and the need for a large kitchen is diminishing and thus the average kitchen size is diminishing as well. Yet people still cook and heat up food in their smaller kitchens. This scenario drives many people to a home lifestyle which is highly similar to student life as we know it.

Therefore, our kitchen appliances and cookware have to evolve as well to fit the new designer fashion and trends. 

Stoves for smaller kitchens

Most of our parents used gas cookers in their kitchens. This unsafe cooking method has shifted in the last decade towards electric cookers employing a variety of new technologies. Moreover, Most people today do not require four or five heating points on their stove as traditional stoves are designed and can manage well with one or two. Thus, a new version of electric stoves is now available. These stoves are smaller lighter and do not require a professional for their installation. Moreover, cleaning and overall maintenance of electric ceramic stoves are easy and fast and well suited for the fast pass of life. 

Operating an electric cooker is very simple. Once the device is plugged in - just turn it on set the temperature level and start cooking. No need for a gas outlet and the smooth top surface make cleaning an electric stove into a very simple task, as easy as cleaning your kitchen table. Moreover, the electric stove has a digital control that allowed its manufacturers to add important safety features like a cooking timer and control panel locking mechanism that makes these cookers highly safe, Not to mention there is not more open fire in your kitchen.

Thus, from all aspects single of double electrical stoves are the best solution for current small kitchens in our fast pace of life.

What are the key types of electric stoves?

Electric coil cooktop 

This type of electric stove has been around for a few decades. It's a stovetop part with one to four exterior coil elements. Once electricity runs through these coils they heat up. Once the electrical current is disengaged the coil cools down.

Solid hotplate

The solid plate heat is slightly more consistent than that produced by electric coil cooktop however, it takes longer to cool down once the electrical current is disengaged.

Ceramic cooktop

These essentially work like a coil or hot plate models. The main difference is that in ceramic stoves the heating elements are covered by a strong layer of heat resistant ceramic glass. Thus, these cookers bland onto your kitchen top surface and thus making maintenance and cleaning very easy.

Induction cooktops

This type of cooktops employs completely different technology. Induction cooktops use a magnetic field that transfers it stored energy into the cookware itself. Thus, if you got cookware made from the right material it will turn into a heating element itself. This method provides a high control over cooking temperature and since the cookware itself becomes the heating elements you can achieve very high consistency throughout the different parts of the cookware. Moreover, since the magnetic field itself does not emit heat, the cooktop returns to room temperature immediately once the cookware is away from the magnetic field providing the highest degree of safety. These cookers also bland onto your kitchen top surface and are covered by a strong layer of heat resistance ceramic glass thus making maintenance and cleaning very easy. The only downside of this type of stoves is that only cookware made out of ferrous which is more expensive.
Today, you can find a wide variety of electric stoves employing any of the above technologies with a wide range of prices, ranging from twenty to two hundred USD. Some of these devices can be placed anywhere in your kitchen and are practically portable and can be easily moved around, especially if you move to a new apartment or just going to stay elsewhere for a while. Other stoves require a fixed position in your kitchen that will make them appear as a continuation of your kitchen work surface. For a kitchen in small apartments, students, people living on their own, and people that eat out or order in a single electric stove should be sufficient. Moreover, it is becoming more popular to employ a modular approach in the kitchen design and to buy two single electric stoves and install them side by side to create a larger cooking area. will help you buy the right electrical for you while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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