This deal guide describes the basic features and specifications of monitors to help you navigate your way to the best product for you

In the last fifty years, computer monitors have come a long way. There was once a time where they were huge bricks of glass and plastic, these massive tubes that took up a huge amount of space to display relatively little in pixelated fashion.

But over the years, monitors have become sleek and slim, displaying ever-improving quality while drastically shrinking in size. And with the evolution of the monitor’s display abilities comes an evolution in the number of different things that a monitor can interact with.

These aren’t your father’s monitors; these monitors are versatile and dynamic, creating far more possibilities than you ever realized before.

Changing needs of monitors 

As mentioned previously, monitors had one use for a long time: desktop computing. But as time has evolved, so too has the monitor and its intended usage. The prevalence of smartphones especially has fostered that change and turned the monitor into something more versatile and adaptable.

Now, monitors can be used for so much more, though they are certainly good at their original intended use. One of the things that they are good at is creating a two-screen experience with a laptop. If you work on the go quite a bit, you may find that having a laptop computer over a traditional desktop is more suited to your needs.

With this in mind, you can have a monitor stationed in your home to allow you to get connectivity and the ability to see on two screens. This makes working in multiple windows all the more convenient and can make your work experience smoother when you are able to sit down in your home office.

Of course, the prevalence of smartphones is one of the biggest reasons for the evolution of monitors. Smartphones are great, but the screens aren’t that big; at least not in comparison to something like a monitor.

With the right monitor, you can pair your smartphone to it and project its screen onto the monitor. This is great if you tend to view all of your media on your phone. Being able to see pictures and watch videos or movies on your phone can be even easier when you connect it to a monitor. It eliminates the need for a television or other media devices when you can just use your phone and monitor instead.

And, of course, there are smart monitors which are now beginning to become more familiar. Smart monitors are essentially larger tablets: they have all of the apps that you need and are meant to replace the traditional family desktop PC in the future. This will eliminate the need for clunky desktop towers and bulky home office setups.

Smart monitors will also likely be able to connect wirelessly with your smart devices, giving you even more accessibility along the way. Since these are in the early stages in the market, they are pricey now but will become cost-effective sooner rather than later.

Different projection technologies 

One thing about the way we see computer screens that have changed drastically over time is the ability to pair a laptop or desktop with a projector system. Projectors offer the ability to see a smaller screen over a large area with the same clarity. This is a great feature to have when making a presentation to a large office.

Businesses, in particular, have taken advantage of the projector technology. Being able to plug in a laptop or desktop PC to a projector and share a screen has become an invaluable asset for presentations and meetings. Sharing things on your screen has never been easier than with the projector technology.

The best thing about this technology – aside from its ease of use – is that picture quality does not suffer. Projectors have some of the best visual technology in the business today, which is why so many choose to have projectors in their homes when they can.

Projectors can be compact and provide the kind of screen quality that is difficult to match out of any monitor. Share your screen with friends, colleagues or clients with ease when you use a projector system.

Meet your needs! 

The specifications of the monitor that you are looking to purchase is important based on what you intend to use it for. Not all monitors are created equally and knowing what you will primarily use your monitor for is the best way to choose the one that fits you.

For general use 

For monitors that you plan to run apps, browsers, or programs that don’t require heavy graphics processing, you can get away with something that isn’t decked out with features. Also, your general-purpose monitors will carry a lower price tag.

This is beneficial because you won’t have to break the bank open to get features that you won’t be taking advantage of. In this instance, it is okay to go for the lower end of the cost spectrum.

For professional designers 

For the digital artists out there – or those who are looking to get a start in visual entertainment – color is everything. Even the smallest differences can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall finished product.

Resolution is the name of the game for design monitors. Being able to see every color in complete clarity is imperative and having the graphical power to do so is as well. Running things like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Photoshop can use a lot of juice and without the right monitor to display colors as clearly and vibrantly as you need, you could find yourself in a position where you are making the wrong decisions.

For gaming 

Computer gaming is a huge industry. While we might hear more about console gaming than computer gaming due to the availability of consoles, PC gaming delivers performance and experience unlike any other. And for those reasons, you need to make sure that you have a monitor that can deliver the kind of experience that you desire out of your PC gaming.

Gaming monitors need to be fast, but what does that mean exactly? A “fast” monitor will have a good response time and display refresh rate. Refresh rates go all the way up to 240Hz. This means that the imagery of your game will be displayed in the range of 240 frames per second. Response times are also crucial because they measure how quickly colors on the screen can be shifted.

Having a high-powered graphics card is definitely a must but it won’t matter if you don’t have a monitor that can match that level of power. Those are the two features you want to focus on if you plan on blasting your way into the night in crystal clear clarity.

Digital Media 

If you just enjoy binge-watching shows or movies, then finding an UltraWide option may be the choice for you. Screen size is important, but so is aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is your width by height and is important for unique resolutions.

Some of the features mentioned in gaming and design are important here as well. Finding the right mix to give you the best picture possible is somewhat about personal preference, but the UltraWide feature will give you a viewing experience as if you had a huge television, but the screen was made just for you. Having that personal feeling without the experience of staring into a small screen can make a huge difference in the viewing experience.

Touch Screen 

For those who don’t like the feel of using a traditional mouse, the touch screen has become a more popular feature across all platforms. Having a monitor that you can touch and interact with can bring a level of ease and comfort to a user who is more familiar with that feature.

Touch Screen is becoming a more popular option and there are many monitors out there that can deliver the picture quality that you desire with a touch screen function as well.

Choosing the right monitor 

This is all about user preference as there are many different options with even more features available. There are plenty of us out there that still use monitors for their traditional desktop PC usage and that is okay. They certainly do the job on that front.

But there are so many more things that you can do with a monitor that you couldn’t do before. And with smart monitors becoming a growing technology, you can soon replace those clunky desktops with a sleek, slim smart monitor that will have just as much computing power without the clunkiness that comes with a traditional desktop PC.

The name of the game when selecting a monitor for you is to find something that will pair with your devices and provide the greatest ease of use while delivering a sharp, clear picture. It may be cool to get in on the latest digital trends, but it is easy to find yourself with something that you might not use.

When it comes to a monitor, find what suits you best and will give you the greatest ease of use while still delivering dynamic visuals. Today you can find online a variety of monitors produced by different brands. will help you navigate your way to the right monitor best suited for your intended use while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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