This deal guide describes fryers types, features and what can you cook with them to help you make an informed consumer decision.

With the development of technology, there is a change in the way that we cook our meals. Now, there are appliances and utensils available to us that are specific to certain types of foods and meals. If you can think of a meal, there is likely an appliance or a utensil that has been built to cook that specific item.

One thing that has really progressed is frying food. It used to be that having a deep fryer in your home would be a rare thing. Mostly, you would find deep fryers in your local restaurant or at a fast food place. But now, with the development of technology and a bit of trial and error, deep fryers have become compact enough that many have them in their homes.

In accordance with the development of deep fryers, there has also been the creation and development of air fryers. We will get more into the difference here shortly.

Fryers, in general, are a wonderful way to cook your food and do so in a unique way as well. Knowing the right kind of fryer to have for your cooking needs is important and it is also important to understand the difference between a deep fryer and an air fryer.

What is the difference between the two types of fryers? 

A deep fryer will use oil to fry up your food. The type of oil that you use is ultimately up to your own personal preferences. When using a deep fryer, you generally are able to accomplish a couple of things. The first is that you can cook your food throughout far more quickly than you could in the oven. This is helpful for cooking up meals in short order, especially if you have to cook a large amount of food in short order. The second is that, by flash cooking your food in this oil, you create crispy exteriors. This can be in the form of a pastry or when cooking a meal. If you want to cook chicken in your deep fryer, you would be looking for a crispier skin that would provide a satisfying crunch when you bite into it while still maintaining a juicy moisture in the center.

Air fryers provide much of the same effect, but without that messy, fatty oil that you would need to use in a deep fryer. Air fryers heat up water in the unit and essentially steam fry your food in the main compartment.

This has a few benefits. For one, you don’t need to buy any messy oils. This saves you the cost and the time of having to not only buy the oil but to clean it up should it get out of the fryer. Generally speaking, this means that you are getting a far healthier option when cooking your food.

This might not be important to everyone, but the fact that you can get the same kind of cook as a deep fryer without the fatty, unhealthy oils should make a huge difference to anyone who likes to fry their food on the regular. 

What can you cook in a fryer?

The best thing about a fryer of any type is the number of things that you can cook in them. Depending on your level of culinary experience, there is a huge array of things that you can use a fryer to prepare in a number of quantities. For the sweeter side of things, you can prepare smaller pastries very quickly. Or, if you prefer something more savory, you can cook up any kind of meat or even make your own chips in the fryer. Really, your imagination is the only limitation here. There are many deep-fried classic dishes such as fried chicken, fries and onion rings as well as many others that will surprise you, that you can make in a deep fryer. However, you will be supersized to learn that you can make fries and chicken as well as a vast variety of appetizers, using an air fryer.

Important specs 

There are a number of different things that you want to take into consideration when purchasing a fryer of any kind. Not all fryers are created equally and making a choice out of haste can mean that you do not have the option that you really need. Take these specs into account when purchasing your fryer and you will be completely satisfied with your choice.


This is meant from two fronts: interior size as well as countertop size. Let’s talk about the latter first. This is important because most of us are using these fryers on countertops. That space is likely already limited due to the placement of other appliances and utensils; having a fryer that will fit conveniently on your countertop will ensure that you do not have to worry about having a huge amount of space to set up your fryer.

If you get something too big that does not fit properly on your countertop, you run the risk of knocking it down. This is dangerous because of the hot oil and can have the potential for a massive mess. Save yourself the trouble by ensuring that your unit will fit on the countertop with little to no trouble.

As for the former, having enough interior space is important because you always want to have the option to cook larger food items or larger quantities of food. Giving yourself the option to cook a lot of food in short order can make the convenience level even greater. Don’t limit yourself with your cooking options when it comes to your fryer.

Features and settings 

Not all fryers are created equally and some will come with more options than the next. This might be important to you or it might not; it really depends on your preferences when using the fryer. But there are definitely features that are worth noting.

Having an automatic shut-off switch can be very helpful. When you finish cooking your meal, you can move to the next step of the preparation instead of having to worry about shutting off the machine. This also ensures that should you forget about the fryer, it won’t stay on for an extended period of time and create a potential fire hazard.

There are also some fryers that will come with time and food-specific options. If you aren’t sure how to cook a specific food, there may be a button on the fryer itself that will allow you to cook that food without question. This can be hugely helpful for those who don’t have the experience to know off the top of their heads.


This can be an important thing for your fryer. Some of them take time to warm up which can make your cook time all the longer. With these, you might have a pre-heat option where you have to warm up the fryer before you can use it. This might seem like an annoyance, but it is important to know that it is there.

Finding a fryer with a pre-cook/warm-up that is on the lower side of the spectrum can be important. Being able to cook on a whim can be important, especially if you need to prepare a meal in a short amount of time. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it is an important feature that you might want to have in your fryer. If you are looking for the above programming and setting fetuers you should look for a digital fryer.

Anything to make the experience all the more convenient can make your fryer the go-to cooking appliance in your home and have you using it more and more often. Fryers allow for a quick cook and a level of convenience that can’t be matched, making them an ideal cooking appliance.

How to choose the best fryer for your home 

Ultimately, it will come down to your overall cooking preference. If you are looking for a healthier option that will omit that unhealthy oil, an air fryer is your choice. If you like the taste of frying food in oils better, a deep fryer is the choice for you.

There are a few things worth looking into past that simple distinction. The first is the size of the fryer itself. This will depend on the kind of foods that you intend to use the fryer for. If you tend to cook bigger items or larger quantities, you might want a bigger option. If you tend to use them for smaller meals for yourself or your family, go that route.

There is another thing to keep in mind as well and that is the number of features. There are some fryers that will come with food-specific features, meaning that you do not have to figure out the amount of time that the food has to cook. You simply put the food in the fryer and press the button to get it cooking. That is a level of convenience that you simply cannot match.

Lastly, temperature settings are important as well. Each fryer may have a different threshold for temperatures so it is important to know the kind of temperature settings that you will need. You don’t want to buy a fryer and find out that it can’t get as hot as you need it to be.

Convenience and ease of use are important features when purchasing a fryer and finding those features is usually pretty similar regardless of whether you are using an air fryer or deep fryer. Today you can find online a variety of fryers of different brands. will help you find the fryer best suited for your kitchen.