When on the hunt for a new suit, you must consider all the different styles. Our guide covers all bikini types and the latest trends in swimsuits.

When the swimming season rolls around (or you live somewhere close to the beach with nice weather year-round!), picking out a new swimsuit or finding a great swimsuit deal is super fun! We all have that one suit lingering somewhere in the closet and quite frankly, doing a little upgrade or style change never hurts! Get ready for sand in your toes and a sun-kissed look as you consider your next swimsuit.

What are the Different Types of Swimsuits?

When on the hunt for a new suit, consider all the different styles. Whether or not you have ever thought of stepping outside from your usual pick, it is nice to see what different styles exist. You may find something that appeals to you and your personal taste or decide to be adventurous and try something new. Most swimsuits are made to be skin tight and for use at the beach or pool. Below we explore all the fun types and what they can offer you!

One Piece

As indicated, this is a swimsuit that is a singular piece. It generally covers the torso area and lower intimate parts along with the buttocks. The back is usually open and they have straps for the shoulder or around the neck. As with any swimsuit, these can come in any color or design, which makes picking one out even more exciting! Adidas is known for its one-piece suits that feature their logo and offer all the coverage you need!


This variation of swimsuit is a two-piece set where the top portion covers the breasts like a bra with strings that tie around the neck. The tops can also be strapless and only cover the breasts. The bottom portion is similar to underwear, where it covers the front intimate areas and the buttocks. While this is the generic version of the bikini, the bikini itself can be can very versatile and branches out into styles.

The following are other styles associated with bikinis:

  • Low Waist: This type of bikini, also known as low-rise bikinis, sit low on the waist right around the hip bone. This dipped look can be super attractive and gives a very sexy look to the wearer. A popular brand for bikinis is Roxy. They offer up a lot of colors, designs, and low to high waist selections.

  • High-Waist: This style sits high on the waist and has a chic vintage vibe to it. It generally covers the navel area for optimal coverage, but still giving the wearer freedom of wearing a bikini like a swimsuit.

  • Brazilian Cut: Retailer Victoria Secret is known for its Brazilian Cut swimwear due to the sheer sexiness of the overall look. These bikinis offer a peek at the buttocks as their bottoms have a narrow cut, exposing a bit more butt for the sunshine. A little less coverage works for those who want to flaunt what they got a bit more!

  • Push-Up: Considering the tops of bikinis are very bra-like in nature, it comes as no surprise that push-up bikini tops are popular. If you're unfamiliar, a push-up top pushing the breasts up and to the center of the chest, for ultimate cleavage and cleavage control. This particular type will have you feeling super sleek sexy among the waves!

  • Micro Bikinis: This swimsuit variation is for the daring and super confident individuals. If you are ready to try something new, this may be your ticket. the micro bikini is, well small. It covers all the bare necessities, giving the wearer a true free feeling from cumbersome fabric. The top covers just enough breast, usually the nipple, to stay within the confines of being defined as "dressed". The bottoms do the same thing, providing just enough coverage for intimate parts in the front and generally is a thong in the back. This means the fabric sits between the buttocks.

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The bikini really gives you something to think about with all its variations. However, there are still more swimsuit types to discover!


The thong swimsuit often gets mistaken as a micro bikini, however, they are not the same. This is a two-piece suit that has a normal-sized tie top, but the bottoms are where all the fun is located! The bottoms are like thong underwear with the fabric sitting between the buttocks. While this feature is the same as the micro bikini, which makes the two very different is that the tops are different. The thong suit will provide full breast coverage.

Sexy Swimwear Swimsuit

While this is not an exact type of swimsuit, it is a variation of previously discussed swimwear. Any type of swimsuit can be sexy. Different brands are bringing sensual and sexy looks to everyday swimwear. For example, one-piece suits stretch the limits on coverage and have many distinct looks to offer. Victoria Secret comes to mind first on the sexy swimsuit front, however, one of the hottest brands out there is Ariel Sarah. They really push the envelope on their bikinis by offering really creative designs.

Neon Swimsuits

Neon swimsuits are one of the hottest trends right now. These suits are brightly colored for creative and gorgeous chic looks. They come off as futuristic looking, however, they so right now. The vibrant colors will also keep you cool as they will reflect sunlight. This will make any day in the sun more enjoyable if you aren't looking to crisp up too much.

How to Choose the Right Size Swimsuit

Once you have settled on a particular style, it is important to make sure you are picking something that will fit correctly. Having a swimsuit that holds and protects all the right areas is really important. It will keep your fashionable look streamlined and also ensure you have coverage and protection where you need it most. Always feel the fabrics of the swimsuit you are choosing. These fabrics will be in direct contact with your most intimate areas and you want to make sure that they are as comfortable as they can possibly be.

Another thing to consider is how to choose the correct size of a swimsuit. This not only applies to the actual size, but the shape of your body will help dictate what style of a suit would look best on you. Any swimsuit you decide on should flatter your natural form! Below are some examples of this to understand this concept a bit better.

Body Types

Body type matters when it comes to picking out a swimsuit. For example, a pear-shaped body has hips that are generally larger than the rest of the body. With this in mind, it may be best to consider a high waist bikini bottom. Another prime example would be a straight body type, where everything is pretty much the same size from bust to hip. A great choice for this body type would be a push-up variation as it will help add a bit of cleavage to the overall look.

Fitting Tips

When thinking about a swimsuit will fit, there are some general rules of thumb to consider. An example of this would be if you were attempting to make your legs appear longer, a high cut or high waist bikini will stretch those beauties out! Another example would be an aid in reducing bust size. Sometimes bigger breasted women want to wear bikinis but do not want their cleavage being an overkill. This is perfectly understandable. To help in this feat, consider a wide set of straps, underwire and a large band for across the back. This will support you just perfectly.

For more tips and tricks to finding the right size and look, check out here: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/tips-and-tricks-to-find-the-best-swimsuit-for-your-body-type

Current Fashion Trends in Swimwear

While picking out a new swimsuit is beyond exciting due to the fun prints, fabrics, designs, etc. something else to dive into is the current trends with swimwear. As expressed before, neon suits are making a huge splash due to their bright and attractive colors that really stand out among the crowd. Below are some of the other trends hitting the waves this year!

Animal Prints

The two most exciting animal prints to make their swimsuit style splash are the snake and the leopard. Snakes are huge in the fashion world currently as they popping up on purses, shoes, etc. They were not left out of the swimsuit world! The leopard is also making an appearance giving a funky look to any suit.

Ruffled Up

The ruffle, ripple or smock look (whichever you prefer to call it!) is truly this year. It features tops with a ruffled like look and comes off as super cute. They can be plainly colored but look best with a fun design like floral prints.


The striped print can come off as modern or vintage, depending on the specific look. Either way, they are flattering and colorful for those wishing to kick the color scale up a little notch. This classic print could be perfect for you if you are up for this design!

Underwire Tops

One of the best feelings at the end of any day is a woman taking off her bra. This rings especially true for those who wear underwire bras. However, underwire bikini tops are popping up on the trend scene when it comes to swimwear. These are truly nice for bigger breasted women as it gives proper support while still enjoying the waves or the sun!


High cut bottoms give a very sexy look from the front or back. These variations are making the trend list because women are enjoying that sleek chic look. Grab a high-cut bottom if you are looking for something to spice up your swimwear collection!

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Matching Your Personal Taste and Accessories

As with any fashion choice, staying true to your personal taste is key. It is totally okay to venture out into trying new things, but remember it is about what you will like overall. This is your persona and when you wear the suit you choose you to want to feel your very best and as confident as you can possibly be. That all starts with the right fit, the colors you want and the designs you want to try out.

When it comes to choosing a piece of swimwear, also consider what accessories you will have with you at the beach or pool. Matching your suit to these items may not seem like a huge deal, but it will help you complete a more put-together look. Things like sunglasses and water bottles play a huge part in swimsuit choice. Big rimmed sunglasses are a classic choice for swimsuit wear, but if you are choosing something like a micro bikini, those would not be appropriate. You would then have to choose a smaller framed pair of sunglasses so it flows better with the overall look.

Water bottles are a key accessory for any beach or pool goer. Staying hydrated is as equally as important as having the right suit for your adventure. Consider the colors in the swimsuit with the color of the water bottle. Don't match too much, as that usually comes off as a washed outlook. Rather, choose a color that compliments the swimsuit. If you have a suit with multiple colors, pick a color that is not too dominant and have your water bottle in that color.

Another popular beach accessory is a beach cover-up. These are over the shoulder pieces of fabric that help protect skin when not in the water. They come in many fabrics, designs, etc. A safe choice for matching one with your suit is to go for a solid color. This will keep the flow of the entire looking absolutely wonderful.

Whatever accessory you choose (and/or swimsuit!) just consider these small tips for staying super fashionable on your trip to the beach. You want to feel confident in what you are wearing and have peace of mind that you are looking your very best. With that in mind, keep comfort at the forefront of your choice as well as something that will make you feel good about yourself!

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