If you share your home with pets you are probably familiar with the frustrating feeling of coming home to a house with your pet's hair everywhere...

If you share your home with pets you are probably familiar with the frustrating feeling of coming home to a house littered with your pet's hair everywhere. I have a dog named MIKA and not it's that time in the year when she is shedding her fair before fall. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat or a dog fair hair is dominating your life. Yet, our love for our pets makes us overcome this minor disadvantage. However, some pet owners have a problem with fair hair all over their house and moreover, their roommates and spouses usually are not too happy about it. Another problem that comes along with pets shedding fair hair is allergens. Numerous people are allergic to cats and or dogs fair hair and might get an allergic reaction once they step into your house without even making direct contact with your pet. Moreover, your roommate and or your spouses might develop an allergic reaction to the pet's fair hair encompassing your house. For many years my way of dealing with this problem was to sweep the floors every day before I leave the house but this if futile during heavy shedding periods like now. It became very frustrating sweeping the floors in the morning and coming back from work in the afternoon to find my house littered with MIKA's hair all over the place. Although Mika doesn’t climb the furniture I don’t need to clean the sofas every day some of my friends allow the dogs onto the sofas not to mention cat owners that can't do a thing regarding where their cat spends its time (usually where the sun is hitting). Thus, we need to find a solution to the pets shedding fair hair that will not consume our entire time. Naturally, any vacuum can do the trick as long as it's suction power is strong enough.

How do I deal with pet's fair hair on my sofa?

Let's first deal with the furniture. For this issue, there is no easy solution and depending on the shedding rate of your pet you will need to vacuum your sofas regularly. For the task, any type of vacuums with the right extension nozzle will do a decent job. Naturally, upright or canister vacuums which are usually has a strong suction power will do the best job. However, even most handheld cordless vacuum will get you reasonable results. Whatever vacuum you will purchase for this purpose, just make sure its suction power measured in CFM (the amount of air sucked by the unit in 1 minute, measured in cubic feet; ft3/min) is at least 50 units, and if its suction power is measured at AW (Air Watts is a measure of Watts needed by the vacuum cleaner to move one unit of air through the vacuum's nozzle) of at least 100 AW. Take under consideration that the higher the suction power of your vacuum, the fair hair removal from your sofas will be more thorough and faster. 

How do I deal with pet's fair hair on the floor and carpets?

Naturally, the floor and carpets area of your house is the biggest challenge when dealing with pets shedding their fair hair without consuming our days dealing with this task. We would like to have a solution that will regularly clean the floors and carpets; preferably, we would like this 'solution' to be quite, automatic and affordable. For that, we would like to have a vacuum that can keep up with the constant hair shedding and work almost constantly without breaking a sweat. The solution is robot vacuums. A robot vacuum is especially designed to provide the ultimate problem for the constant maintenance of your floors and carpets. Robot vacuums are usually slightly more expensive than upright of handheld cordless vacuums but they usually have a charging port they can connect themselves for charging so they can work uninterrupted with minimum handling time. Moreover, robot vacuums can be programmed to clean your fools and carpet white you are at work so you will come back to a clean house without being subjected to the vacuum noise. The only thing you will have to do is empty the dustbin or help your robot that was stuck in a jam in one of the corners. The robot never gives up and gets lazy thus it can help you tidy up after you fairy housemates and remove their fair hair, kibble and litter on a daily basis keeping it clean and allergens free. 

In summary, it doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a cat as your best friend they will litter your house with the shedding fair hair but in the 21st century there is a lot you can do to make your pet-loving home a cleaner one and more friendly to your family, friends and guests, especially those who are allergic to fair hair. The new generation of cordless vacuums that are becoming cheaper by the day is providing strong enough suction power to rapidly vacuum your sofas without having to unwind the cord and set it back in place at the end of the use. Moreover, the introduction of robot vacuums has made thighs even simpler and now the robot can almost constantly remove your pet's hair from your floor and carpet even when you are away from home at an affordable price.

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