This deal guide describes the different styles and materials that make up this clothing category to help you find the right undergarments for you.

Bra and panties are the foundation of women's attire. It shapes (quite literally!) the whole look of any outfit. There is nothing more exhilarating than finding the perfect bra or pantie to make you feel the most comfortable you've ever felt! Every woman's closet or dresser has a drawer or whatnot with bras that have seen better days. This could also hold true for the underwear drawer. But don't let you discourage you from finding something new and exciting to add to the collection!

Your collection can be a variety of great bra or pantie choices, but also, consider what your overall style may be. More specifically think about the types of bras that make you most confident and support you in the way you need to be supported. Bra support is something that not all women take into consideration. However, it is probably the most crucial aspect of the bra selection process. So, what's in your clothing drawers? Not sure what bra may be right for you? Well, a bra is not just a bra and there are many types out there to think about.

Why Bras are the Queen of Undergarments?

As stated before, your drawers may have a run of the mill bra you throw on in a rush. But take a step back and really think about what might make you feel your absolute best. Out of the options available, you will want to add some to your collection that will make you proud to put it on! There are various styles of bras on the market and some of them are available from popular and reliable garment brands like Victoria Secret, Playtex, Bali, etc. Below, we will get into more detail about each type of bra and what they have to offer you!

Sports Bras

When exercising, don't be tempted to grab just any old bra. Not everyone is created equal and because of this, they may not be appropriate for any activity. Sports bras are specifically made with various exercising habits in mind. In fact, they come in two types: high impact and low impact. High impact sports bras are going to be for hiking or running as they are built to withstand the pressures with extreme exercising. Low impact bras are for less intense exercising methods, like yoga or walking and still give the support you need.

Also, consider how the sports bra fits. It shouldn't ride up your back at all. It should be a snug fit, conformed evening across the back. Here is the perfect guide to choosing the correct fit of a sports bra.

Elegant/Sexy Bras

This category is fun to explore as they are the sensual bras to choose from. They tend to have lace, silk, etc as a fabric choice which can be comfortable depending on your preference. They are designed to make you the most confident no matter the occasion. Whether it is heading to the office or out for a date, these will give you the best feel yet! Victoria Secret is best known for its elegant and sexy types of bras. From various colors and materials, they have options to suit any taste or desire.

Minimizer Bras

Breasts come in all sizes and shapes and require certain types of bras to ensure proper comfort and distribution of intimate parts. With this mind, the minimizer bra provides special support for bigger breasted individuals. It decreases how much the bust is projected from the chest. This can be up to two inches, which truly makes a difference. It gives the appearance of smaller breasts and makes wearing certain clothing more enjoyable. 

Lace Bras

Lace bras are a classic choice for complete and ultimate sensual feeling. Lace itself is a timeless fabric with many gorgeous designs weaved into thread. The various looking designs give you the opportunity to really pick a look that fits your overall style and preference. Lace bras can be a singular bra or part of a lingerie set. While everyone knows Victoria’s Secret, some of the most desirable lingerie sets come from brand Termezy and Cinoon. Click here for Lace Bras Deals!

Push-Up Bras

These are most popular with women who may not have a very big bust because they help push the breasts to the center of the chest. This type of bra is perfect when worn with a low cut top as it provides great cleavage. Larger breasted women can wear them too as to project the cleavage aspect a bit more. But overall, they help with rising the confidence of women who want to give themselves a more sexy look.

Padded Bra

Padded bras are the perfect choice for smaller chests, as they have padded cups that give cushion and fullness to the overall look of the bust line. They are generally pretty comfortable to wear and really help boost the breast line for a more streamlined look.

Supported Molded Cup Bra

A molded cup bra can fall under other categories of a bra. This is because a molded cup refers to the shape of the actual cup. Some bras lay flat when laid down. However, the process of how a molded cup bra is made provides a more supported cup because it is made to "stand up" or stay shaped no matter what position it is in. This gives superior support to the wearer.

Hold and Protect Your Intimate Parts

Wearing a bra and pantie all day is just part of every woman's routine, so proper support is critical. Not only is support is important but this is where the comfort should be thought of as well. The comfort of these items start with the fabric of which they are made. They will be up against these intimate parts all day, so choose a fabric you know will be most comfortable. From lace, silk, and cotton, there are various fabrics that they can be.

The support of undergarments is equally as crucial as comfort level. If you aren't supported correctly (from a bra or pantie) then you risk aches and pains and also your entire outfit looking a bit sloppy. To ensure that your undergarments are being as supportive as they can possibly be, you have to start with the overall fit. When putting on your bra of choice, does it pucker in the cup? Is there space between your breasts and the cup? This means the cup size is too large. The cup of a bra should seamlessly lay among your bosom. The strap should be level in the back and not riding up towards your neck.

When it comes to finding a perfect fit for underwear, similar rules apply. If the underwear sag in the rear end section, they are simply too big. Even if it's a small bit. Having coverage that is a bit more form-fitting will make for a chic overall look. For the underwear, think also about the waistline! If the waistline is slipping or digging in, you've got a pair too big or too small. You want breathable underwear that fits just conforming to your body, but not falling off or uncomfortably digging into your waist.


Corsets have been around forever. They originally were a huge part of Victorian-era women's clothing. This fashion trend has lasted throughout the years and corsets hold a special place in many women's wardrobe closet. They are designed with varying fabric types and have steel ribs sewn into the fabric for shaping the midsection of the wearer. Without this steel ribs, the corset will fall flat and not give the desired look.

Corsets tie from the back and squeeze and lift the midsection up. This gives good cleavage and presents a thinner waistline. They can be worn under the clothing, by themselves, or over clothing as well. Any way that they are worn, they have a very unique look. All the different types of patterns, colors, and fabrics out there so customizing a look is not only fun but limitless.

Types of Underwear

When you or anyone else think of underwear, they may think of a generic, run of the mill types. However, the world of panties is an extensive world of different types. Each type offers a little something different than the other. Below, we check out the various types of underwear!

Thong Panties

For a super sexy look, thong panties are the perfect companion. They feature a V-shaped front to cover the most intimate of areas and a singular string of fabric that lays between the buttock cheeks. While this may not be comfortable for all wearers, some find it to be just perfect and breathable. Many companies make thong panties, from Victoria Secret to Emprella. To check out Emprella directly, click here:

Boy Shorts

These tomboy like panties gives the wearer a full coverage of all areas as they are essential to short-shorts but with pantie materials, like cotton or lace. They do tend to have a sneak peek at the bottom of the buttock cheeks. However, their overall purpose is to have complete comfort.


The brief variation of underwear is specifically designed with comfort in mind. They are complete coverage in the back and front and usually have high waists. They are a popular type of underwear and can be found just about anywhere. Specifically, Playtex is known for its brief underwear. They are sold in just any retail store at reasonable prices. Click here for our top Briefs deals!

Bikini Panties/Briefs

These are similar to their sister pantie, the brief, however, they offer a little more of a sexy feel, as they show a bit more skin. They are known for revealing a bit of the bikini line (so if you pick this one, get that bikini wax!) and rising a bit higher on the backside. These can be made of various materials as well. The Maidenform brand has many options for bikini and hipster (panties that sit at the waistline and show a bit of skin) undergarments.


These are generally men's undergarments, but women can wear them too. They are shorts that are usually made with slightly thinner material for maximum breathable capabilities.

High Waist

High waist underwear serve a very specific purpose. They are form-fitted panties with an elastic that doesn't dig into your waist and provides proper support. It tucks in any unwanted areas of the stomach, etc since it sits high on the waist. This helps you to wear the clothes you want to and have comfort in doing so. Bali is one of the most popular high waist underwear brands. Check out some options from Bali

Tummy Shaping Briefs

Lover-Beauty is popular for tummy shaping brief underwear and other shaping undergarments. Tummy shaping briefs give all the support in the world for the lower area of your body. They tuck tummy areas perfectly and also serve to lift the buttocks. This gives the backside a bit more of a fuller look. Your confidence will be top-notch in a pair of these unique briefs.


Lover-Beauty is known for its shapers as well. Shapers are designed with giving freedom to the wearer to flaunt any outfit they wish. This could be a favorite dress or anything of that nature. The shaper tucks in all undesired areas such as thighs, stomachs, backs, etc. They shape the wearer with a firm and constrictive (but comfortable!) undergarment options. Click here for our best Shapers Deals!

Which Items Should You Choose?

Overall, it is up to you! What is going to make you feel your best every time you put it on? Consider making a tried and true decision or venture out into something new. Whatever you choose, know that your personal style and persona will show through as your confidence level will be at its peak. Nothing feels better than having proper undergarments that support, hold, and shape you the way you want to be shaped!

When choosing, also think about things that will compliment what you are buying. There is a common misconception that you just wear undergarments and that is the end of it. However, that simply is not true. From jewelry to makeup to perfumes to even hairstyles and skincare, it all streamlines the finished look. You may not only be doing this for yourself but a significant other. They will find you attractive in what makes you most confident while you're wearing it.

How to Boost Your Overall Look!

Wearing something that makes you feel great not only boosts confidence but moods as well. Choosing something new is half the fun, but wearing it should make you feel good about yourself. Have it all, practicality, comfort and fashion! It is possible and exploring all the options out there is crucial! Enjoy giving yourself something you truly deserve!

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