You are about to get married. Congratulation! Now let us help you find the right dress for the most memorable day of your life.

You've done it! You said "Yes!" to your significant other and the wedding bells will be ringing before you know it! While wedding planning may seem overwhelming, don't sweat it. Take each detail as it comes and make it as special as you possibly can, after all, it's all about you and whomever you are marrying. One of the biggest choices (other than saying "yes" of course!) is picking out your wedding dress. It is all about what is going to make you feel the most comfortable and truly reflect your persona and personal taste. The overlook, in the end, will be fabulous and this deal guide will help you along the journey towards that decision of the dress! Don’t forget to check our latest wedding dresses deals!

Emphasize Who You Are!

When looking for a dress, stick to what makes you, well YOU! What are your personal tastes? What really makes you happy? It has always been said that when you put on the dress that is the one you will pick, you will just know. This feeling comes from seeing a reflection of yourself in the tiny details of the dress and the overall look and accessories you choose to go with it. The outfit as a whole will speak levels about the things you love. Picking out the personal touches to complement a wedding dress is half the fun! It really drives home the emphasizing of your persona! When the stresses of weddings creep up on you, keep this aspect in mind!

The Various Types of Wedding Dresses

The world of wedding dresses is a vast sea of styles, designs, cuts of fabric, colors, fabric types, etc. This may seem to make the choice overwhelming, however, that makes the choices limitless! There are so many designers out there every day making fresh ideas for people's special day. You will find a style that suits you best! Below are the common types of wedding dresses!

Sweetheart Neck

This variation of wedding dress has a heart-shaped design. This style is perfect for a woman who wants to give herself a bit more of a curvy look overall. Its neckline has the shape of the heart that dips pretty low to showcase a little cleavage. It also helps to make the neck appear longer.


For a super sexy look on your special day, a backless dress may be an option for you. These generally feature heavy embellishments such as necklaces and the back is completely open with a mid-sized to larger train on the back of the dress. Confidence has never shown through quite as boldly!

Sleeveless and Long-Sleeved

Your special dress can be sleeveless or long-sleeved. Sleeveless options will generally be presented as a halter top or strapless. They will feature different fabrics or embellishments to really make the dress stand out among the crowd. Long-sleeved options are a classic feel to any wedding dress and typically have lace sleeves. Lace is possibly the prettiest fabric out there as the design features that go into the lace are highly detailed and gorgeous.

Bridal Ball Gowns

This is the universal dress of wedding dresses. It usually fits every body type, however, it does look best on pear-shaped body types. They are the most popular among the dresses and sometimes are grouped together with A-Line dresses. The dress essentially forms an "A" shape on the wearer. The bottom part of the gown flares out to shape the "A".

Lantern Sleeve Train and Puff Sleeve

Lantern sleeves a little vintage, but they are so in for classic wedding dress looks! The sleeves are lace design or sheer material that puff out the entire length of the arm. They generally match the train of the dress as well for an optimal overall look! One again, the lacing work on this type can be super beautiful as it will be very detailed. Puff sleeves can be arm’s length, but usually, only puff up around the shoulders to give sort of resemble a big piece of popcorn that sits right at the shoulder. This variation is usually found on vintage looking dresses.


This particular neckline has a few different namesakes. It can be known as the boat neck or the bateau. It basically makes a half "O' shape from shoulder to shoulder. This variation is usually used on sleeve dresses.

Lace Appliqued

The process of applique clothing is to layer one fabric among another, creating a decorated and defined look. In the case of wedding dresses, this usually refers to delicate and intricate lacework being applied to satin, silk or other base fabrics for dresses. This layering look really gives a pop out appearance and will make you stand out among the crowd even more!


The V-Neck dress is meant to stun and awe those around you! Featuring a plunging v-shaped neckline, this dress type keeps you looking sultry and sexy on your special day! It is most commonly put on sleeved dresses for an extra dramatic look and can help create a slimming appearance.

Tulle Skirt

Wedding dresses that feature a tulle skirt have a very unique look to them. Tulle is a super-thin mesh material that is generally used for the veil that the bride will wear. It is soft to the touch and often features tiny details like gems or jewels. When it comes to the skirt portion of a dress, tulle can be used to cause a dramatic effect. It is layered thickly to become opaque.

Floor Length

Don't overthink this style, it is exactly as it sounds: floor length! The gown flows all the way to the floor but does not reach the floor. Typically, the shoes under the gown would not be visible. The floor-length gown is an elegant choice and truly has a graceful look to its shape.

Spaghetti Straps

Thin shoulder straps are always a fashionable trend. The weight of a regular strap can be cumbersome. This is where spaghetti straps come to save the day. Their lightweight and soft texture make a comfortable experience in any piece of clothing they happen to be attached to. This couldn't be truer for when it comes to the wedding gown you choose.

Cap Sleeve

To best describe this type of dress, envision your shoulders wearing a simple cap upon the top of them. The sleeve sits just on the shoulder and does not extend any further along the arm.

Half Sleeve and Flare Sleeve

The half sleeve is simply half a sleeve along your arm. It does not extend past the elbow. This can be perfect if you want a bit of sleeve but do not want to be too hot with a full sleeve. The flare sleeve, on the other hand, is usually a full-length sleeve and flares out from the wrists. These are also called bell sleeves as the shape resembles a bell.

Beach Dresses

Getting married on the beach is a pleasant dream of some brides! Especially those who live in warmer climates. So with that in mind, the beach wedding dress is a perfect choice. It can be shorter than traditional dresses or be a bit more flowing. This leads to ultimate comfort for the bride. Learn more about gown styles and shapes.

Current Fashion Trends in Wedding Dresses

The limitless possibilities of wedding dress and clothing options are exciting enough, but the hottest trends circling this clothing genre is fascinating as well! Keep the current fashion trends among wedding dresses at the back of your mind when picking out your special outfit. You may or may not want to incorporate some of the ideas into your wedding day! Below are some of the hottest trends hitting the wedding dress runway!


While this is not a dress, the wedding jumpsuit has been astronomically popular. The wedding ceremony is perfect for flaunting that gorgeous dress you've picked out. However, when it comes time for the reception, the dress can interfere with your dancing moves! Not to mention that the wedding dress is very delicate usually. So the option for wedding jumpsuits has popped out. They are still chic and totally beautiful options, but they give you the freedom to break out in dance mode and move more comfortable among your friends and family!

Less is More

Plain dresses have made a splash this year. Keeping a clean and crisp look has been all the rage with plain, white dresses being worn more often. Sometimes people do not want all the bells and whistles that can come on a dress. You may feel the same and keeping some simplicity can be comforting.

Soft Pastels

White is generally associated with the wedding dress, however, 2019 has proven brides are stepping out of the color box. Soft pastels like lavender and pale blues made some bold appearances. Bend the rules a little and choose this option if you are truly not a fan of plain white. You can learn a bit more about current fashion trends ringing wedding bells

What's Under Your Dress?

Sure, you may have a few dresses in mind, but one of the important things to consider when choosing your outfit for your special day is what goes underneath it! A popular trend among women's fashion right now is the use of shapewear. It helps tuck in any unwanted areas of the body to create a polished look. They are usually worn under wedding dresses as well so that the bride can look at her very, very best on the big day. A good rule of thumb is to wear the shapewear to try on the dresses. This will help give you a complete overall look of the outfit.

If shapewear is not your thing, consider other options. Whatever you choose to wear under the dress serves two purposes. The first purpose is to make sure you are completely and utterly confident and comfortable in the dress. The second purpose is so that you can surprise your significant other even more with sexy and flattering undergarments. For example, strapless wedding dresses usually have corsets or bustiers worn under them. This keeps the mid-section is squeezed in a little and lifts up the bust to the perfect height so there is no sagging. Look for more advice on what type of undergarments to wear for enhancement

Classical and Timeless Vs. Current and Trendy

When choosing the dress you'll walk down the aisle in, think about the overall look you want to achieve. Do you want to have a more modern look with something a bit trendy? Do you want to stay classic and timeless? Both can be great options, but what does it mean to fall into those categories?

Classical and timeless dresses keep things simple in the short of it. There are not too many embellishments or flashy fabrics. Timeless fabrics for this choice include chiffon, silk, satin or lace. For centuries, these fabrics have been solid choices for happy brides. On the flip side, however, a more trendy or modern choice will fall under current fashion trends. Some women like to be fashionably trendy and that is okay. If you are one of those women, following current trends is right up your alley! For example, the year 2020 promises more color choices over traditional white. In fact, floral print dresses have even been spotted!

While the classic vs trendy war rages on among the bridal community, another stark discussion happens as well. The "white vs. off-white" debate can be interesting. White dresses are just that, crisp bright white dresses that shine in any light! However, some brides (and you may as well!) prefer an off-white color to their dresses. This is still a variation of white, however, it comes off as more ivory. This look is associated most with vintage-looking dresses as it creates an "aged" look to the fabric.

Matching Accessories to Your Dress

Once you've picked your dress and undergarments the choices are not over yet! But don't get bogged down by that, because this is where even more fun comes into play. To look your absolute best on your very special day, consider what accessories you may wear with your dress. This can range from perfect makeup, styled hair, jewelry, clutch bags, etc. All these things will complement your overall look in the gown. This will ensure you are representing your personal taste and persona just as you envision it! Even the perfume you wear that day will help tie together the look. Certain scents just go best with certain outfits!

Wedding planning has so many facets, let the dress choice be the most fun you have throughout it all! Stay true to your persona and find something that will really make you feel comfortable and confident to wear it. You should feel good about yourself in the dress and know that your significant other is going to love whatever you choose because you'll beautiful in it no matter what!

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