Our guide explains why having an ice maker in your home can really amplify your quality of living and help you entertain better.

When finding the utmost comfort and convenience in your home, there are a few aspects that you might not have considered. Something like having ice available at a moment’s notice can make certain aspects of your life far more convenient than you ever realized before.

Think about it: having ice readily available can make for a deliciously refreshing drink on a hot summer day. If you have been trying to kick the sugary drinks, having ice-cold water or tea can make it far easier to keep away from those drinks that you’d like to keep out of your life.

Having ice at your fingertips might not be a necessity, but it is certainly a luxury that we take for granted until we actually want and need it. That is why having an ice maker in your home can really amplify your quality of living when it comes to those smaller aspects. Determining what kind of ice maker best suits you and how much ice you will use is of the utmost importance in determining what kind of ice maker to get.

What are the benefits of owning an ice maker

We have already covered the fact that it can make your water crisp and refreshing on a hot day or that it can help you in your effort to kick those sugary drinks that you have been looking to remove from your life for a good, long time.

But there are so many more benefits to having an ice maker in your home that you may have not given thought to previously. Let’s say that you enjoy entertaining in your home. This will often include providing refreshments to your guests or company and the last thing that you want is to provide them with a flat, warm drink that will put a damper on their mood.

Having an ice maker available makes it easier to keep those drinks cool and refreshing so that the party can stay lively and entertaining. Keep the topic of conversation elsewhere and not on the quality of the drinks by having an ice maker in your home.

Having an ice maker is also great for outdoor events as well. During the warmer months of the year, particularly those of us who have ample sized patios or desk, entertaining outdoors becomes a staple of the summer.

Being able to keep those guests cool and refreshed despite the temperature can make all the difference in the world. Having an ice maker to keep the cool refreshments coming can turn your get together into an unforgettable gathering instead of one with warm, nasty drinks.

Maybe you have an outdoor bar as well and enjoy kicking back during the summer months with an adult beverage in your hand. Having an ice maker in your outdoor bar ensures that you keep the drinks flowing as cool and crisp as you need them to be.

To say that having an ice maker in your home is a wonderful perk would be putting it lightly. There are so many uses for the ice maker that you will find it pays for itself before long. Add one to any one of these scenarios to instantly improve the scene.

What are the different features and types of an ice maker

Like just about anything else, there are a variety of types of ice maker that you can get for your home or outdoor bar. Finding the right type is the major difference.

Built into fridges

Of course, a lot of modern refrigerators will now come standard with them built into the door. All you have to do is hook up your water line to the fridge and you will be able to generate as much ice as you’ll need right from your fridge.

Most of these built-in ice makers will also come with a few different options. In addition to being able to get crisp, clear, filtered water through your fridge, you can get different ice types as well. Often times, it is a matter between chipped and cubed ice, which is a huge preferential sticking point for some. One type just seems better to some than it does for others.

There are other types of fridges that will have ice makers in the freezer. Often times, it will be a sizable tray that will have the ice maker above it. The ice generates and fills up the tray; all you have to do is to scoop it out and put it into your container. The ice will then begin to generate again once the designated levels have decreased. It might not be as convenient as the previous method, but it is pretty dang close overall.

Thankfully, there are options for those of us who want the benefits of an ice maker without having to purchase a fridge if yours doesn’t come with an ice maker built-in somewhere. After all, making that kind of purchase may not be realistic without a bit of foresight and saving involved.

Portable Ice Maker

There are portable models as well for those who do not want to or cannot afford to get a new fridge. These can sit on your countertop and even be tucked away neatly should you not desire to use ice for a period of time. It is up to you entirely.

Generally speaking, even your lower end ice maker will be quite compact in design and relatively cost-effective. They will come with a see-through lid so that you can see where the ice levels are, and some can make as much as 26 lbs of ice PER DAY. If you need more than that, a portable ice maker might not be for you.

With storage capabilities ranging from 2-5 pounds, you can keep as much ice as you need in this compact unit without having to think twice about it. That level of convenience will let you keep as much ice on hand as you might need and never have to worry about running out.

The only real downside to this is that, as mentioned, they have storage capacities and it takes time to fill those up. With the fridge ice maker, they are either available instantly or can store upwards of 10 pounds of ice so that you never run out.

With a portable ice maker, there is a chance that you could run through a 2.5-pound storage size and need to wait a little bit before it refills. Not the biggest issue, but it is an inconvenience that some simply don’t want to deal with.

The other downside is that you need to find the counter space to house it. In smaller apartments and homes, kitchen counter space might come at a premium. With a countertop portable ice maker, you will need to make sure that you have counter space accounted for if you plan to use it on a regular basis. This might become challenging based on the other appliances that your counter space has on it and can become something of a hassle.

How to choose the best ice maker for me

This comes down to where you will use it the most. If it is just for keeping drinks refreshed at home for yourself and your family, it might be worth the investment into a fridge that has an ice maker built-in. You will also get the added benefit of a new fridge with potentially more storage space as well as updated technology, but the costs are obviously much higher.

For those in smaller spaces or who have an outdoor space for entertaining, having a portable ice maker is the way to go. This way, you can bring it out when you need it and it doesn’t have to take up any additional space for any longer than you need. Plus, the costs of a portable ice maker are far more reasonable than that of a whole new fridge.

The only caveat to this is the counter space usage. If you use ice on a frequent basis but live in a space that does not have so much counters space, you might notice that lack of room pretty quickly. Compared to other items, it might be difficult to prioritize an ice maker over, say, a toaster oven or something similar. You would need to be aware of how much space you have before purchasing a portable ice maker and make sure that you either have the counter space to accommodate or don’t mind taking in and out of storage.

Your needs are your needs and how much ice you will need is ultimately up to you. But there are several options for ice makers out there that can fit the needs of anyone and even at a bunch or space-saving rate. Take the time to figure out what your budget and space requirements are and you will find the ice maker that will make your life even more convenient than ever.

Ice makers can make even something as simple as grabbing a drink better than ever and you will definitely appreciate adding this device to your life. Amplify your beverage experience with an ice maker and it will certainly be the kind of purchase that you reflect back on positively, thankful that you took the step.