This deal guide covers everything you need to know about athletic shoes from basic types to current fashion trends.

Shoes are the heart and soul of a woman's wardrobe. They set the tone for every outfit and come in so many different styles and patterns. From pumps to flats to flip flops, the closet of a shoe enthusiast will have it all! However, some people may or may not think about women's shoes behind the heel or cute designs. Athletic shoes are just as important as those night-on-the-town pumps! Why? Well for a variety of reasons. From practical wear like hitting the gym or even new trends hitting this shoe type's community, the athletic shoe offers so much to a women's world!

What are the main types of women's athletic shoes?

When the words 'athletic shoes' is muttered from someone's lips, the first thought tends to be sneakers or running shoes. However, there are more types of these shoes on the market. Each type offers up a specific purpose and special design to fit the needs of women who like being on the move. Below are some of the most common types of shoes that are used for physical activities.

Running Shoes

Even though this is one of the most first thoughts of shoes, it is on the list! Running shoes are not just a pair of sneaks to throw on and go for the neighborhood jog. They are specially designed to absorb the shock created when feet hit the pavement. In fact, they provide cushioned support for the most impacted areas, the front of the foot and the heel. Choosing a good pair will keep your feet healthy and ready for all your busy to-do lists!

Walking Shoes

Often times the walking shoes are confused with a running shoe. However, their design does a little more for the precious feet. While they do pinpoint the same target areas (the ball of the foot in the front and the heel), their design is where the goods are at. Walking shoes have bottoms that create a more solid base for your weight to shift properly while taking those brisk walks. In addition, they also provide a more firm front, so that your toes do not bend as much as they need to for running.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes may seem cliche, however, they are a true type of shoe with a very important purpose! If you have a love for the game of tennis, then finding the right tennis shoe is ideal. If you've watched even a second of a tennis game, you would see there is a lot of side to side quick movement involved in the game. With that said, to bring your top-notch game, finding a tennis shoe with proper tread for extra grip on the court is ideal. The tread gives the best traction when darting for the ball left and right. No fumbled feet here! You will have confidence in finding the perfect pair to score!

Trail Running Shoes

Don't be fooled by the "running shoes" in this type of footwear. Sure, you can run in them, but ideally, they are designed so that you can trek any terrain that mother nature throws your way. With heavy-duty tread for close to perfect traction, you will find yourself climbing effortlessly over natural obstacles. They are meant for getting dirty and giving you full control of foot placement on uneven grounds. A weekend hike is a perfect way to unwind after a busy work week or other stresses in life. Finding that pair of trail shoes to hike the weekend away will be satisfying.

These are some of the more basic athletic shoe examples for women to choose from but there is more too it

Key Features to A Great Athletic Shoe

With a few different types of athletic shoes under your belt, knowing what to look for in various types is just as important. It will keep you feeling refreshed while wearing your favorite pair because you will know you chose it based on your individual needs! Below are some of the key features to look for when choosing an athletic shoe that is a great fit for you!

Overall Design

When it comes to the design of the shoe, we don't usually much thought into it. We find a shoe that looks decent and generally buy it. But what's behind the design of the actual shoe? A good fitness shoe will provide that cushioning as mentioned before. However, in this instance, we are talking about the construction of the shoe. From the sole to the body of the shoe, it all counts towards a better fit and a better shoe. The sole itself will be made up of the traction suited bottom and then a mid-sole that is usually a form of gel or foam. This is the part of the shoe that will give the shock absorbency feature. This is important as it provides less stress on all your joints as well as your feet.

The Laces

Laces are not just laces. There is a science behind them and basic laces will not provide a snug and proper fit. More specifically, flat generic laces will become loose more often. Preferably, finding a shoe with laces made of fabrics or plastic will stay tied up and snug for the perfect fit.


While this might not be something you would usually think of, reflectors are a super important aspect to have as a feature. For late-night walks or runs, etc., the reflector keeps you safe and makes you more noticeable in darker areas. This gives you the freedom to live in your shoes any time of day or night. Learn more about key features and various sporting shoe testing

A Step Above Fashion Trends to Slip Your Feet Into

When it comes to athletic shoes, most people associate less than attractive designs or patterns. While some are like this, the world of fashion has taken the athletic shoe and redefined what it means to wear them. In this manner, they are known more as "sneakers" and are worn to match outfits, accessories, etc, you name it! Sometimes when running an errand or doing something more relaxing than exercising, wearing sneaks can really bring together a casual day-off outfit. Below are some off the best fashion trends surrounding sneaks.

Sneaker Patterns

With generic colors lining the shelves at your local shoe store, taking a bolder step is more fashionable these days. Fashion begs to have a trendsetting moment and finding a perfect pattern is key. From bold coloring to striking patterns with funky designs. What's cover your feet can truly stand out among the crowd of boring shoes.


These are one of the hottest trends among sneakers today. They really send out a message of high class and the desire to be on top of your fashion game. Sleek, shiny and glossy metallic coloring make a splash in the world. A walk-in these classy shoes will turn heads and bring attention to your awesome look.


Not to be mistaken with a platform sneakers shoes, the flat-form provides a fearless look. Flat-forms have the perfect amount of height to their soles, giving a raised chunk look to an otherwise normal-looking sneak. However, these daring devils are perfect for you if you are looking to step up your shoe game and really exit your comfort zone when it comes to sneakers.

You can explore a couple more trends surrounding sneakers.

How to Find the Athletic Shoe that Suits You

Shopping for shoes is always an adventure worth taking. In this case, you are going to find a perfect athletic shoe to complete an outfit or exercise in. Even while exercising, you will be at your peak of fashionable wear. Exercising can feel tedious sometimes, but knowing you are sporting some great sportswear with the perfect shoe will give you even more confidence! For example, a great pair of yoga pants or leggings really looks great with the right sneaker.

Matching the type of athletic shoe or sneaker trend to your outfit is crucial. Why? You want to look to come together and seem complete. Wearing colors that wash each other out is never a good idea! That is why one of the hottest sneaker trends right now are the patterns and metallic colored. These looks when worn with sold colors really pop up among the other boring shoes. The starkness of it really makes for a complete look that will surely turn some heads.

When it comes to sneak fashion for myself, I prefer bright and colors. A bright pink tends to be my go-to color preference and that really looks chic with a nice pair of black leggings. Black leggings tend to match anything, however, when paired with boldly colored sneaks, they take on a life of their own in the fashion industry.

Overall, choosing the right type of athletic shoe is the first step. After that, it is all in user preference. Go daring or stay basic, either way, it will be the look you want to show the world! Today you can find online a variety of athletic shoes designed and made by different brands. will help you find the right athletic shoes for your workout and fitting your personal style while saving fifty cents on the dollar.