Here is a little bit of a guide to help you decide what kind of laptop case or backpack would fit you best as you travel for or commute to work.

Your laptop may be as close to your lifeblood as it gets depending on what you use it for. In the business world, many use laptops while traveling for business and need it for all of the essential information that they need to make a meeting go smoothly.

Laptops have a wide array of functionality that makes it easier to bring important documents, access any apps or features that you may use on your desktop PC, and a litany of other functions that can make life on the road as easy as possible. Your laptop is to you what the rifle is to a serviceman.

So, it should go without saying that protecting that important piece of equipment is of the utmost importance while traveling. Storing it in a suitcase with the rest of your belongings can lead to damage to the laptop, which would put you in a bad position since there could be potentially sensitive information on that laptop that you cannot lose.

For that reason, having a specialized case or backpack can become a necessity. Having a piece of luggage that is not bulky but that could still hold up to any potential jolts or bumps, keeping your laptop as safe as it possibly can be.

Here is a little bit of a guide to help you decide what kind of laptop case or backpack would fit you best as you travel for business or bring your laptop with you on a personal trip.

Why do I need a specialized laptop case or backpack?

As mentioned above, it might not be the best idea in the world to just stuff your laptop into a normal backpack or suitcase. In the instance of the former, most generic backpacks are not made to hold up to bumps and jolts; your laptop will be susceptible to these things in a standard backpack.

Protect your Laptop

With a suitcase, your laptop may be better protected from outside forces due to the shell that comes on most pieces of luggage, but it may not be as safe internally. Even if you pack it in among your clothing, theoretically providing extra padding, it can still move around and come into contact with other items in your suitcase. This can lead to bumps, scratches, and other damage that could occur to your laptop.

Having a specialized case or backpack is meant to prevent damage to your laptop. These cases are specifically designed to hold your laptop snuggly in place with padding on the inside while remaining heavy-duty enough to hold up to bangs and bumps on the outside.


Even better, most laptop cases or backpacks have additional compartments for storage. This can include any additional cables that you may need, important documents, or anything else that you might want to store along with your laptop.

For those who travel, a specialized case can also make getting through security far easier. Security will require you to take out any electronics as you pass through, including your laptop. If you store it in a piece of equipment that doesn’t allow for easy access, this can make for a frustrating experience. Having a specialized case eliminates this entirely, making it easily accessible at all times.

Different types of laptop cases and backpacks

Just like anything, there is no simple one-size-fits-all kind of product. This is no different from laptop cases and backpacks. There is a wide range of variations that may fit one user better than the next and that has features that the next may not have. Here are just a few different types of laptop bags that are worth checking out.

Laptop Sleeve

These are lightweight and ideal if you need to bring your laptop to a meeting or while traveling a short distance with it. The sleeve is light in nature because it does not have a lot of protection built-in and won’t have many extra compartments. Simply put, it is made to protect against scrapes and scratches that might happen without the bag.

These are also more cost-effective than buying a heavy-duty laptop case or backpack, so if you need a quick, somewhat reliable option, a laptop sleeve may be the best possible option to do the job.

Heavy-duty laptop sleeve

This is very similar to the aforementioned laptop sleeve. It has minimal storage compartments, but the plastic shell will help to keep your laptop protected should you decide to take it on the road. This means you can place it in the main compartment of a standard backpack and not have to splurge on a specialty piece of luggage. If you are traveling on a budget, this can be an important thing to keep in mind when taking your laptop with you during a vacation.

The best thing about this is that it is not that much heavier than the laptop sleeve. This is important because when you carry it around, either in your hand or under your arm, a heavy case can start to wear on you. Being lightweight allows for less hassle when carrying it.

This is probably the more preferable option to the laptop sleeve in general as it can stand up to much more punishment than the laptop sleeve can and you don’t sacrifice much in the way of added weight for the plastic shell that keeps your laptop safe.

Laptop bag/case

These are the more traditional and recognizable kinds of bags. They are bit bulkier than the laptop sleeve, but they come with a litany of different pockets as well as the main compartment for the laptop itself. These main compartments usually have extra padding, allowing them to stand up to jostling, jolts, bumps, and most serious interactions.

Best of all, they have a shoulder strap so that you can carry it without the use of your hands. That is a level of convenience that laptop sleeves do not have. Some cases may even have pockets internally as well to allow for the safe storage of things like extra cables or documents, giving you options and versatility that other cases may not have.

Commuter laptop backpacks

These look very similar to a traditional backpack, but they are built to be sturdy enough to handle many of the bumps and bruises that come with a life filled with travel. There are some options that have a stiffer back piece to allow for maximum protection. When you are traveling, protecting your laptop should be of the utmost importance because there are so many variables in play that could lead to damage to your laptop and you cannot have that.

Like the aforementioned laptop cases, these backpacks also have plenty of storage compartments. This is particularly great when traveling; you can easily access your laptop in the main compartment for security lines or using your laptop on the plane. Not only that, you can keep all of your goodies in the appropriate compartments, allowing for greater ease of access than ever before.

Even better than the laptop case, which features an over-the-shoulder strap, the backpack has two straps to go over your shoulders so that you can evenly distribute the weight and keep your shoulders from aching. This might seem like an unimportant feature to a backpack but if you travel quite a bit, you know how much importance that this can provide.

How do I choose the right laptop case or backpack for me?

This ultimately depends on what your overall intended use is. If you are simply looking for something to protect your laptop during transit, almost anything will do. Most laptop cases or backpacks are properly constructed to be able to handle the wear and tear of daily use.

But if you intend to use it for storage and convenience, you want to make sure you get a case or backpack that comes with enough compartments to store all of your necessities whenever you travel. Having an easily accessible main compartment can make traveling all the easier, allowing you to get your laptop in and out of your bag with the ultimate convenience.

Having something that fills all of those needs will make traveling easier than it ever has been before. Being able to access your laptop both in the security line as well as on the plane can be trying processes unless you have a case or backpack that is easily accessible. Never fuss and fight with getting your laptop out again.

You can also mitigate the need for an additional document bag if you have the proper case. With storage compartments capable of holding additional documents, you can combine everything into one carrying case, making it easier and more convenient to take with you on the road.

Selecting the right laptop case or backpack for your laptop is more important than it might seem and it can change the way that you travel with your laptop. Take great care to pick on that best fits all of your needs and you will never dread having to bring your laptop with you on the road again.

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