Boots have become very fashionable for all sorts of men’s styles. Discover the different types of boots and which one is more suitable for you.

For the longest time, men’s boots were just, well, boots. They served one purpose in the eyes of men and after that, there was no discernible purpose. But as time and fashion has changed, so too has the use of men’s boots in everyday life.

What you might not know is that boots have become very fashionable for all sorts of men’s styles. They certainly still hold a place in the lives of working men – work boots are essential in the construction and manufacturing industries – but they have evolved to be a part of wardrobes everywhere. When worn with the right outfit, work boots can be a part of any look.

Knowing which styles are out there can be a little overwhelming, but knowing the difference can give you a leg up when it comes to stylish new outfits that can give you a look you have never quite experienced before. Implementing boots into your wardrobe can give you a fresh, cool new look that you never thought possible before.

Different types of men’s boots

Not all men’s boots are made the same and each of them brings a different kind of style and looks to the table. Knowing the difference is important so that you can get the exact kind of fit and feel, as well as the kind of look, that you desire out of a pair of men’s boots.

Plain toe

Plain toe boots are thought of for your kind of work boots that are worn in industrial settings but aren’t necessarily meant to be worn by people who are on their feet all day. They provide quite a bit of padding and comfort in the sole and are usually constructed of a heavy-duty, reliable material like leather.

These are also pretty stylish in their design. These are the type of boot that you could wear with something like a pair of slacks to a business casual setting or with a nicer pair of jeans to a fancy get together. These are a pretty versatile boot that can be worn just about anywhere but aren’t so heavy duty that they immediately scream “work boot”.

This is a highly recommended boot to add to your wardrobe if you need a versatile, dependable shoe that will remain comfortable and fit into any situation or setting. Usually, these look best in a black or perhaps a brown of some sort, but dark grey works as well.

Toe Ankle Boot

These are very similar to your plain toe boot, the difference being that a toe ankle boot will generally have a zipper near the top of the boot. These are more of a fashion statement than anything else; they are constructed with a flat, smooth bottom and, in some instances, a heel depending on the style of the boot.

The toe ankle boot is not as common in the United States as some of the others on the list; they are more a European trend than anything else. Still, for those who have a bit of a slighter, thinner frame, these make for a very fashionable addition to your wardrobe and will provide you with a bit of an exotic, foreign look that can definitely be difficult to pull off otherwise.

Ankle-high boots

Ankle-high boots for men are a bit more difficult to describe. These are actually a bit more common for women’s boots, but they have become more fashionable for men in recent years. They are, as their name implies, ankle-high in their construction.

They are also very similar to the plain toe boots in their construction and are more meant to be fashionable than practical, so you won’t see this type of boot on a construction site or at a manufacturing plant. These are meant to be worn with a slim-cut jean or slack, providing a sense of style and elegance to the person wearing them.

While they certainly can be worn in blacks or browns, dark grays or blues are very much in style and can complement just about any outfit under the sun while simultaneously elevating it. If you are looking to change up your fashion game, this is an excellent addition.

Unisex Ankle Boots

Another in the ankle boot design, these are more neutral and look closer to a construction boot than just about any of the ankle options on the list. They can come in a number of styles and designs and can come both with laces and without.

Depending on what style and manufacturer that you buy, you could conceivably wear these to a construction site or on the floor of a manufacturing plant should you so desire. They are typically beige or black in color, though there have been a few more colors that have since been implemented.

Leather slip-on boots

These are the least “boot” like a boot on the list in that they are not of the heavy-duty construction that your average boot is made up of. Because they are slip-on, they are meant to be more stylish and fashionable than they are to be practical.

Not only that, they are meant to be easy to put on but don’t let their ease of use fool you. They are highly versatile from a fashion standpoint and can go with a plethora of outfits, from casual to business casual. These are both stylish and easy to wear, making them a favorite these days.

Lace-up boots

These are some of the most common boots for men these days and are often labeled as “construction boots”. This is because they are largely beige in nature and are of heavy-duty construction so that they can stand up to the rigors of everyday usage.

Despite their intended usage, lace-up boots are finding their footing in fashion. Lace-up boots are typically worn with a thinner cut of jean, providing a casual yet rugged look that harkens to “the streets”. It provides something of a casual vibe while still allowing for the kind of versatility that a good boot should offer.

Picking up a pair, even if you are not in one of the aforementioned industries, might give a little bit of a different look to your wardrobe whenever you mix it in. That’s a level of fashion and versatility that is hard to beat in any kind of footwear.

Military Boots

Like some of the other boots on this list, the name implies that it has one usage but that just isn’t the case anymore. Obviously, military boots were popularized by the soldiers who have worn this style of boot for decades. This is still one of the most common usages for this boot, but they are finding a growing place in styles across the globe.

Like the lace-up boots or “construction boots”, these are beginning to find a place in the casual world. They don’t have to be worn for any kind of heavy-duty usage; worn with the right pair of jeans or slacks, they can help to pull an outfit together.

Military boots are of course constructed in a heavy-duty manner, though, so you can be certain that your feet will stay comfortable over a long period of time and that they will look both tough and fashionable.

Different types of materials

Generally speaking, men’s boots are made from three different types of materials: suede, leather, and nylon. Suede has a nicer look than some of the other materials, but it can be far more difficult to keep clean over a long period of time or with frequent usage.

Leather is the most common material that is used in the manufacturing of men’s boots. This is because leather is both tough and flexible and made to stand up to everyday use. Leather also tends to scuff from time to time, so if you are looking to keep your boots in pristine condition, you might want to invest in something to protect them from scuffs.

Nylon is the least common type of material used in the construction of men’s boots. These are a bit more breathable than the other two materials but they are nowhere near as heavy duty in their construction. These are more susceptible to things like holes or rips, so watch where and when you use them if you are looking to avoid wear and tear to your nylon boots.

There are boots for every job and event

“Work” boots are not only meant to be made for working, but they also serve a huge array of uses and you can literally wear your boots in just about every kind of situation and setting. But just what situations and settings are the most common for these work boots?

Work Boots

They aren’t called work boots for no reason, you know. But that doesn’t give them quite the amount of credit that they deserve. Work boots are made to do so much in highly dangerous settings and situations and you might not realize just how safe and comfortable that they keep your feet.

Most work boots come with steel toe safety to help keep your toes from being smashed by falling objects. Most work boots are also made to be waterproof to keep your feet nice and dry even in the wettest and wildest of situations during your day.

They also have outdoor uses. Most boots will have an anti-skidding sole that keeps you from slipping and sliding, finding yourself in a precarious situation by accident. And the heavy-duty construction is great for any hiking scenario where you need to get into the muck; your boots can take a pounding while keeping your feet dry and comfortable and standing up to the wear and tear that the hiking life can bring with it.

Your boots can do just about anything that you ask of them regardless of the setting.

Bikers Boots

These are exactly as they sound: used most commonly by those who like to ride motorcycles. They come with the same non-slip rubber sole to ensure that your feet stay on the pedals and don’t slip off even when it gets slick outside.

Your typical biker boots are also generally solid black leather because let’s face it, black leather boots are just cool. These can also have metallic buttons or chains implemented to really get the biker feel with just a pair of boots. You can tie these into any outfit and instantly feel cooler.

Winter boots

When the weather turns dark and grey, it is nice to know that you have reliable footwear to throw on whenever you have to head out into the rugged elements. Winter boots are constructed of heavy-duty materials so that they can keep your feet both warm and dry even in the roughest of conditions.

Winter boots can be a little clunky, however. They are meant to be more functional than anything else, providing the aforementioned tasks rather than being as fashionable as possible. Still, you will be glad to have them on your side when the weather turns.

Elegant boots

These are as the name suggests. They are meant to be worn in more formal situations and provide more fashion than function. Though there are plenty of elegant boots that are constructed of leather, they are not meant to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

You can equip more elegant boots – in a bit wider range of colors than your standard construction boot – to expand your wardrobe and introduce new styles, colors, and outfits. The right pair of stylish boot can elevate a pair of jeans or slacks and make them feel more luxurious than they may have without them.

These are definitely more limited use than your standard pair of work boot, but they will certainly make for a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe.


Finding the right pair of men’s boots ultimately comes down to what you are looking for in terms of a fashion accessory. And speaking of accessories, you can pair any work boot with your wallet, pants, and belt to pull together the ultimate ensemble.

Thankfully, there are a ton of options out there when it comes to fashionable work boots that can fit into any style and wardrobe.

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