This guide will walk you through a few commonalities about suits and let you know what types of suits that you really need to pay attention to.

Fashion may not be as important to some as it is to others, but the way that you look can play an important role in your life. Now, that’s not to say that your physical features are something that you should really worry about – you are dealt the hand that you are dealt, after all – but you should definitely take into consideration the way that you dress.

When you dress well, you set a tone and give an impression to those who see you that you care about your appearance and that you care about how you are perceived by others. Not everyone puts in that level of effort into their appearance and, while that may not seem like a big thing, it definitely is to some people.

This is why having the right suit is important. This guide will walk you through a few commonalities about suits and let you know what types of suits that you really need to pay attention to.

Are men’s suits still relevant today?

While there is a trend in business today of going for a more casual appeal and “dressing down”, there is still a necessity for suits among men today. This is not to include situations where a suit is a necessary demand – funerals, weddings, etc. – this is in terms of the business world.

In more professional businesses, suits are a must-have and not having the proper suit can set you apart from the pack in a way that is definitely not positive. The way that you present yourself in the business world can be an important tone-setter as you try to present yourself to co-workers and potential customers or clients.

There is a reason that suits are still important in today’s business world: they just look good. The right suit, one that fits properly and does not sag, can make anyone look infinitely more professional and improve their overall appearance. A knotted tie, properly straightened cuffs, smooth pants, and the right shoes can have potential clients taking notice immediately.

It is all about the atmosphere. Obviously, a suit does not fit in any situation or scenario, but they still definitely have a place in the business world. You can put everyone on notice with a sharp suit that accentuates you and improves your overall look.

Common types of men’s suits

Suits have the ability to be used across a wide variety of events and situations. Knowing which type of situation that you need a suit for and what type of suit is important towards being as stylish as you can be in that situation. Never arrive in the wrong kind of suit again thanks to this guide.

Plain Navy Two-Button

This is your Swiss Army suit: it can do it all. No matter what the gathering or scenario, this suit will fit in perfectly. To put it in comparison with a piece of fashion from the women’s perspective: it is the little black dress of suits.

It has a classic look, especially if you choose a mid-weight fabric. Best of all, this is one of the most affordable types of suits there is. If this is the first suit that you are purchasing, this is the right kind of suit to buy because it is affordable enough that you won’t feel bad if you blow it out.

Double-breasted Suits

Using a dark color such as a nave or almost-black grey, you can get a classic, versatile use out of your suits that you use on a daily basis. The thing about double-breasted suits is that you get a little bit of swagger out of them. It has a look that says “style” instead of “I just came from the office.” It is a great overall look.

Like the plain two-button, it is also very versatile. So long as the cut is trim and your jacket isn’t too long, you can fit into any gathering seamlessly thanks to this classic, stylish kind of suit. It should definitely be in your rotation if you wear suits more than once every couple of years.

Dinner suit

This is a much more formal option and is generally reserved for black tie events. Those are probably few and far between unless you find yourself in the right circle, but still can be great to have. The right dinner suit can make you feel like James Bond thanks to the bow tie look and the sleek fit.

These are not as frequently used as the aforementioned options but can really up the luxury and elegance of an event if brought into play.

Key features of a suit

Not all suits are created equally and there is a reason that “off the rack” is considered something of a dirty phrase among those in the fashion world. This is because you are not guaranteed to get the fit that you need when you buy off the rack.

There are also a variety of features that may look better on you than others, and it is important to know which of those will accentuate your overall appearance and make you not only appear slimmer but more stylish as well.

The fit

This is the most important aspect of a suit, hands down. As mentioned previously, if you buy off the rack, you might not get the kind of fit that is flattering for you. When a suit doesn’t fit, you get either one of two looks. The first is where the jacket or pants are too big, and it looks like you have borrowed your dad’s suit.

The second is when the fit is too small. This can be just as bad; a suit that doesn’t cover everything when you move in the slightest can look awful and make you appear heavier than you actually are. The perfect fit will hide your flaws and accentuate your good qualities, making you appear slimmer and taller, giving you a better overall look than you could achieve in any other scenario.

Jacket buttons

The right number of buttons can make all the difference in a suit. Depending on the style of the jacket that you are using, the buttons can vary. On a single-breasted jacket, you can get anywhere from one button to four. A three-button jacket is one of the more traditional configurations that there is; this is because of English riding jackets. Simply put, if you wear your jacket properly, you can give off the illusion of being taller.

Making sure that your jacket is not button-heavy is an important feature of your suit after the fit. If there are too many buttons, the eye will be drawn to them instead of to the more flattering aspects of the suit. Think about the buttons.

Pocket style

Choosing the right pocket style might seem like an arbitrary thing, but this can also play into the appearance that your suit gives off. Most jackets will come with a breast pocket of sorts; this is typically used for a pocket square or nothing at all.

The ones that matter are the pockets on the hip. Having a patched pocket, which is sewn into the jacket and does not function, provides a slimming overall appearance to the jacket. Certain types of pockets can go with a specific type of suit so it is important to know which one will go with which suit before making your choice.


These are more complementary than anything else. The trousers are not meant to be the focal point of a suit, but they can make or break the suit in any event. Having the pants properly pleated and, even more importantly, properly fitting can make a huge difference.

The extra buttons in the waistband of slacks serve an important function that most may not realize: they are to make the trousers fit more comfortably and to provide a more relaxed fit without having the ugly aesthetic that a loose fit does. The pants are not the star, but they are essential.

How do I choose the right suit?

Whatever you choose, make sure that the fit is right. While having a suit is great for those aforementioned situations and scenarios, an ill-fitting suit can actually hurt the way that you look. A baggy suit or one that does not cover you when you move can make you look unprofessional or like you decided to go the cheap way when buying a suit.

If the fit is right in your suite, you can improve your overall appearance regardless of the setting. In a business setting especially, setting the tone with your appearance can be an important factor in terms of nabbing a customer or client. We aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but that happens every single day.

Grabbing the right suit is an investment. If you wear a suit on a fairly regular basis, investing in a slightly more costly suit can mean a huge difference for you in your overall presentation. Finding colors that compliment you and the fit of your suit will go a long, long way.

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