Model building is a rewarding activity for both kids and adults. Learn what skills can be acquired by building models and why your kids will love it.

Building models is something of a niche hobby these days, but more and more people are finding out why it is something that some get so much enjoyment out of. Like any hobby, it takes a level of skill and dedication to do well, but it also has its side benefits as well.

And with the development of technology as well as time, models have become more intricate and slightly easier to construct as methods have developed over time. It certainly requires a level of patience and attention to detail because so many small parts are in play, but it is nowhere near the frustrating experience that it could have been in in the past.

Best of all, model building can be done at any age. There are simpler models that are made for kids to work on to get them started in the world of modeling, but there are definitely more complicated and complex models for adult use.

There are a number of things to consider when getting into model construction and when you have all of the facts, you will see why model building remains a popular hobby enjoyed by many.

Why model building is a rewarding activity for both kids and adults

The point of a hobby is to take your mind away from the rigors of day to day life and to provide something of a reward (a fun experience, usually) for the activity itself. Model building is one of those activities that can appeal to both children and adults without changing any of the fundamentals.

For kids, it is a great activity that teaches them to be careful and concise. This is important for kids as they can definitely be on the reckless side of the spectrum. Teaching them that they need to slow down and take their time can instill these important aspects in them while giving them a reward for their time in a cool vehicle or animal at the end.

Much the same applies to adults. Those who build models for a hobby do so to escape from the rigors of day to day life. These might be more complex models than those aimed at children, but they provide much the same reward: a cool vehicle or animal that appeals to the adult.

But there’s, even more, to take out of model building that you may not have previously considered.

What skills can you acquire by doing models?

It might seem like you are simply constructing toys when you put together a model, but that could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that you are performing a very complicated and time-consuming task. With this challenge comes the shaping of a variety of different skills.

Practiced patience

One of the key aspects of building models successfully is to have the patience needed to move at a slower pace. Moving at a slower pace ensure accuracy in the construction of the model. While getting things done quickly might seem great, it is also in those scenarios where mistakes become commonplace.

When you have patience in building models, you will find that skill transfer into other areas of your life. Patience ensures that you get the job done correctly and don’t focus so much on getting things done so quickly. Patience is an underrated quality and not one that is commonplace.

Attention to detail

Going hand-in-hand with practiced patience, attention to detail can get lost in the shuffle. When you rush to get things done, you will more than likely miss the small details that can really make a model realistic and cool.

Taking the time to observe all of the small details will make sure that you get an accurate model and is a wonderful skill to take with you into the real world. When you catch all of the small details, you find yourself better prepared to take on the task and do it correctly.

A steady hand

This might seem like one of those skills that does not seem like a big deal, but until you have been in a scenario that requires a steady hand, you cannot truly understand how important it can be. Because models are generally on the smaller side of the spectrum, they can feel tiny in your fingers.

Having a steady hand allows you to manipulate these different pieces and put them together without fumbling or dropping them. When the latter happens, you can feel a growing sense of frustration in the model building process, which can, in turn, dispel you from continuing the hobby.

Those steady hands will come in handy at some point in the future, regardless of whether the scenario is big or small. It is a helpful skill to have but perhaps maybe not as important as the aforementioned ones.


Whether you realize it or not, putting together models is essentially building a three-dimensional puzzle. That involves cognitive thinking to put the pieces together (quite literally) and ensure that they are in the right spots.

When you build models, you exercise the cognitive muscles in your brain. This can promote better memory and cognitive function in other areas and keeps your brain “in shape”. Not only is building models a fun activity, but it can also have great benefits for your brain and memory as well.

What are the common types of models

There are a ton of different models available in hobby shops across the country. There are different sizes and difficult based on age and experience; not all models are constructed the same. Sticking within your skillset is important to prevent frustration from building and giving you a better chance to do the job correctly.

The most common types are typically vehicles of some sort. This includes classic cars from throughout history, down to the tiniest details. There are also trains, which are incredibly popular as well. Since trains are not as commonplace as they once were, it has a nostalgic feel to it that some of the other models do not.

There are also government vehicles and airplanes. Building tanks, bombers, or commercial airliners involves intricate parts that really illustrate just how comprehensive and complicated those machines are. You really get a feel for how much work goes into those vehicles.

Then again, there are also models featuring animals and even dinosaurs. This allows you to have an interaction of sorts with animals that you will not get to see up close and personal. Bringing your favorite wild animals or prehistoric beasts into your living space can make you feel like you are right there with them without the frightening experience of being right there with them.

One of the best aspects of model building is that you can create a collection. If you are into classic cars or trains, you can build one model at a time and slowly see your collection begin to fill out. You can find the models that most appeal to you and admire your handiwork if you decide to put them on display.

For those models that harken back to a time passed, it can help bring you back to that time and feel as though you are experiencing these models as they were back then. Things like classic cars or perhaps World War II fighters can come alive when you take the time to construct one from scratch. You get a greater appreciation for these things when you take the time to put one together with your bare hands from scratch. Essentially, model building can amplify an interest or hobby to a new height that could not be previously achieved.

How do I get started with model building with my kids?

Since there are so many different models available out there for construction, it can feel a bit daunting to know where to begin. But a helpful hit is to start with something less comprehensive. Models can be incredibly intricate and complicated; if you start with something that is above your skill level, it can lead to frustration and disenchantment, which will get you to quit.

Building models is supposed to be a fun challenge, so make sure that you start with a smaller, less detailed model first. This will establish a good baseline for your skills. You will get a feel for what goes into the process and understand just how much detail and work can go into one of these models.

Take a few easier models to task first and see where you are at. You can progress up to more difficult and intricate models as you go and feel more comfortable in constructing them. The key is to have fun with this challenge and not overwhelm yourself with a task that seems too daunting.

Best of all, building models is up to you. Whatever you want to build, you can build. No one will tell you how to do it or what to work on. As long as you have fun while you are doing it, building models can help to build important skills while allowing you to have fun with some of the coolest subjects possible.

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