This deal guide describes the basic features and specifications of wireless speakers to help you find the best product for your audio experience.

Speakers and soundbars can bring the party to just about anywhere. Being able to have music anywhere you are is a great way to get things going at a moment’s notice. With the progression of technology, wireless speakers have become more prevalent.

Before, the only way to listen to music in a group of people was to have a big, bulky stereo system. Even then, the audio quality could vary greatly based on the system that you had. It was a less than ideal scenario, but it was the only way.

Thankfully, this has changed quite a bit over time. Speakers have evolved in many different ways and become more accessible and easier to use. With wireless speakers especially, we now have the capability to bring music to any situation or scenario at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, there are plenty of wireless speakers that offer a litany of features that make using your wireless speakers more useful than ever before. You never have to leave your favorite music at home again because, with a few taps, you can have access to an endless amount of music through your streaming apps. That level of convenience cannot be matched and it is a big reason that wireless speakers have become so popular.

But not all wireless speakers are created equally. There are different types to choose from and knowing about each one is important to make the right decision for your personal use.

What are the different types of wireless speakers?

There is actually a plethora of different types of wireless speakers, but we will be focusing on a few of the more important variations. There are so many different types of speakers to consider but there are a few different types that are more popular and prevalent than others.

Generally speaking, wireless speakers are divided into main groups; first, they are the “classical” speakers that you have in your house and used to be connected to your audio systems with cables and wires have now become wireless. The second group is made up of portable wireless speakers enabling you to take your music with you anywhere you go.


Bluetooth technology has become one of the most popular technologies around. Bluetooth capability allows for wireless pairing of devices. This means that you can pair your phone or computer with a wireless Bluetooth speaker anywhere you are.

This level of convenience makes the Bluetooth option one of the best options available on the market. Being able to take your wireless Bluetooth speaker with you gives you a level of versatility that is difficult to match. Deal guide can help you find the right wireless Bluetooth speaker with a substantial discount.

Bluetooth speakers usually have pretty great quality and a lengthy distance depending on the quality of the device that you are using. With a quick connect technology, you can start listening to music louder and more quickly than you ever could before.


Though it does not have the accessibility and convenience that Bluetooth has – due to the need to connect to WiFi as opposed to Bluetooth – it is superior to Bluetooth connections in some ways. WiFi streaming can offer you a litany of different features and services for your wifi speakers.

Not only that, WiFi speakers allow for a higher resolution of audio transmission, making it an ideal source for those looking for a premium speaker to play their music. This really comes in handy if you do not want to stream your music through your phone, which can get interrupted by mobile notifications.

Having said that, WiFi is more often than not a more expensive proposition and can be limited in certain ways. Because of the need for WiFi, your speakers are often “homebound”, meaning they need a connection to function. And due to the rise of streaming services such as Spotify, audio quality has become less of an incentive for buying WiFi speakers.


The multiroom setup is one that has been expanding rapidly in a short amount of time. These are WiFi-connected systems that use an integrated mobile app that links up to your phone, computer, and other storage devices.

The perk of this system is that it allows you to stream an entire music collection while also using streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and any others out there. Perhaps most impressively, the more multiroom speakers that you add, the more that you can link up which allows you to spread that latency-free audio throughout your home. You can even play different music on each speaker simultaneously.

Multiroom speakers also offer that high-quality sound that we crave, with more multiroom setups incorporating a CD-quality resolution as a bare minimum. Audio quality has never been better with speakers in general.

What are the most important wireless speaker features?

There are a few different features in any wireless speaker that is worth noting. Granted, these are not make-or-break kinds of features, but they are definitely something worth paying attention to as they can separate one speaker from another in terms of overall quality to you.

Connectors and docks 

There are some wireless speakers – think the iPod dock – that feature connectors or docking options. This is usually limited to the Apple line of products but can result in not only a clearer audio quality but may offer a charging feature as well so that you don’t have to worry about the battery usage of your phone at any time.

Inputs and outputs 

The vast majority of wireless speakers have auxiliary outputs. These can be used to connect to equipment like portable audio players or perhaps even a television via a strong cable connection. Some of these speakers even have the ability to charge other devices using a USB port.

Inputs that are optical digital audio can also connect to devices like a Blu-ray/DVD/CD player. Ultimately, outputs give you more options like allowing you to add a subwoofer while you are watching a video from a docked Apple product on your television.

Voice recognition and remote control 

Many things are transitioning into voice control and giving the user the ability to control the device from their smartphone. The only thing about voice recognition is that it is very hit and miss. This is why having an app on your smartphone is essential; it provides a far more reliable way to operate the speaker from a distance (like the dance floor).

Some of the newer models of wireless speakers are taking the whole voice recognition thing to the next level thanks to full-blown smart-speaker functionality. Some of the newer models also have very good audio quality, whereas earlier models tended to not care about that sort of thing.

Being able to control the volume of your speakers without having to walk up to it and press the button provides a level of reliability and convenience that may have not previously existed in wireless speakers. They are now easier to control than ever before.

Online Streaming Music Services 

This is one feature that becomes a deal-breaker for those looking to purchase a wireless speaker. Before the rise of the aforementioned apps – Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc – wireless speakers came down to audio quality as well as convenience.

But now, if your wireless speaker doesn’t have the capability of using those streaming music services, it is seriously behind in the race. Bluetooth speakers will allow this through the connection to the smartphone, allowing streaming through any services that you might have available there.

There are some devices, particularly WiFi speakers, that come with the direct ability to access those streaming music services. There are pros and cons to each of these and it is up to the buyer to decide which of these options is more convenient.

Which one is the right wireless speaker for me?

Like anything else, it depends on what you are using your speakers for. If you like to have them with you on the go, a Bluetooth speaker is likely the better option. You can pair it with a mobile device and begin streaming music at literally a moment’s notice. There is nothing that can match the level of convenience that comes with using a Bluetooth connection.

Even at home, utilizing the Bluetooth function is becoming more and more commonplace. The multiroom setup is becoming more popular, but the Bluetooth function offers a greater level of convenience that is difficult to match.

Even for those who find themselves as sticklers for audio quality, that is becoming less of a concern across all platforms as the services used are pumping out better quality audio. Really, it comes down to ease of use and convenience and Bluetooth is unmatched in that measure.

Perhaps one of the most important features today revolves around streaming music apps. Being able to access and use them easily and at a moment’s notice are a big aspect of using wireless speakers. After all, if you can’t get to your favorite music, what is the point of being able to play music wirelessly?

Those music apps are hugely important because you can access a seemingly unmatched level of music through those apps than you could with a traditional MP3 player or older technologies. With a streaming music service, you can spend all day and night streaming music wirelessly, keeping the party going for as long as possible.

There are other features worth noting if you are an audiophile, but those are becoming more and more negligible as technology catches up and competitors begin to match what is popular on the market today. Today you can find online a variety of wireless speakers produced by different brands. will help you navigate your way to the right wireless speaker best suited for your audio devices and day to day use while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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