Racquet sports are fun social sports that will get you going all year round. This deal guide will help you identify the right racquet sport for you.

One of the types of sporting activity that gets a bit lost among the sea of options out there are racquet sports. Tennis and racquetball are just two of the options available but they do not get the reverence that they deserve. Not only are they fun to play and can be played on a whim, but they can do wonders for your overall health. Understanding their benefits is an important aspect that could lead to a boost in popularity.

If it wasn't apparent that there are health benefits to be had from playing racquet sports, consider this: many gyms actually have racquetball or squash courts. It is hard to beat the kind of endorsement that actually being in a gym can entail. Tennis courts are also very commonplace in many communities. If there is a park or a basketball court, you will likely find a tennis court within a short distance.

The health benefits of playing racquet sports 

Where to begin on the health benefits that playing racquet sports provide? First and foremost, there are cardiovascular aspects to it. Playing any kind of racquet sport means you are going to have to move quite a bit. Running back and forth in bursts gives your body those cardiovascular benefits without having to run for the entire time. There are short little breaks that allow you to catch your breath before charging to smack another ball again a short time later. Playing racquet sports on a regular basis can do wonders for your cardiovascular health without feeling like a work out because you are playing a sport instead of running in place on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

The running also can have a tremendous effect on strengthening your legs. The constant stopping and starting means that you will have to plant your legs, providing muscle resistance as you move from place to place. This can help to tone and shape the muscles in your legs, making them even stronger the more that you partake. When your legs and your cardiovascular health improve, it opens you up to handle other physically strenuous activities far more easily.

There is also the benefit of swinging the racquet. That motion, as well as the weight of the racquet itself, provides a tremendous workout for your upper arms and shoulders. Each time that you swing that piece of equipment, your muscles will tighten and get the movement and exercise that they need to become more toned. The lateral movements can also help to strengthen your lower body, too.

One of the unheralded benefits of playing a racquet sport is that it can help improve your balance and coordination. Having to run back and forth between shots seems like a simplistic action, but having to tie that in with tracking the ball and timing your swing to make contact with the ball all works to sharpen your senses and coordination. This is particularly important as we age because those tools begin to fade as we get older. Keeping them sharp by playing racquet sports is a fun, easy way to keep those senses tuned for your everyday life.

There are two important things to consider, especially for older people. The first is that the high-impact of running around will help with your bone density, making those bones stronger. This is particularly important as we begin to age and our bones being to wear down. It won't stop bone degradation but it will help to slow down that degradation over time.

The second is that the improved balance will come in handy the older we get. It is no secret that we tend to have worse balance as we age and that improved work on balance and coordination can go a long way towards preventing falls later on in life. It isn't something that you necessarily notice immediately, but it will help keep you from taking a nasty spill later in life that could leave you feeling worse for the wear.

Summer Racquet Sports 

The summertime is primarily when we seem to see racquet sports being played. This is, of course, because of the tennis courts that are available in most communities. If you have a racquet and a ball, you can step onto an open court and start playing. Very few other sports can match that level of ease and convenience when it comes to picking up and playing.

Of course, tennis is certainly not the only racquet sport that you can partake in. Badminton has become a popular summer sport because you can set up a net in your back yard and play with ease. Friends and family can come over for gatherings and have a blast playing a sport that is simple to set up and to partake in. Badminton sets can be found for fairly cheap as well, making it slightly more convenient to play as well.

You can even take badminton to the beach and turn that exercise into a tougher endeavor. Having to run through the stand will amplify your cardiovascular workout and you will feel the burn in your legs after a long session. Best of all, you can put the racquet down and head for a swim to cool off afterward. Variations on tennis are great ways to get in your workout while getting inadequate amounts of sun and even a beach visit. That level of versatility is hard to match.

Wintertime Racquet Sports 

When the summer months disappear and the temperature begins to drop, you might feel like the time for tennis has ended until the sun comes back. But that is not even close to the truth. As mentioned previously, many gyms have courts of their own to partake in racquet-based sports. This allows you to continue to get in the workout that you love even when there is a plethora of snow on the ground.

Playing racquetball, in particular, is a thrilling way to get your exercise in. The court is much smaller than your typical tennis court and the goal is to return the volley off the wall in front of you. The high speeds that the racquetball can travel can make for intense workouts where you find yourself running in circles rapidly, trying to keep the volley going.

There are also things like table tennis (ping pong) that you can find at any recreation center or even bring a tennis table in your home. Table tennis may seem like one of those things that you play for fun, but it can get intense and the workout possibilities are definitely there. Actually, table tennis is an Olympic sport. You can get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health as well as get a good shoulder/arm workout in by just playing a bit of table tennis. You can run games or tournaments with friends and family in the comfort of your own home or head down to the local recreation center to take on new challenges.

Squash is another possible game that you can play in the wintertime. It is very similar to racquetball, though the racquets in squash are substantially bigger than those in racquetball. Still, the concept is generally the same: return the volley at increasing speeds and hope to outlast your opponent who is also on the court next to you. A great cardiovascular workout that works on your coordination, timing, and reflexes as well.


Getting a good workout does not have to involve a treadmill or a single piece of weight lifting equipment. Instead, picking up a racquet and partaking in something fun and convenient such as tennis or squash can implement a level of fun that one may not be able to experience in a general workout.

The health benefits of being active are never more apparent than when playing one of these racquet games. In addition to those health benefits -- which range from cardiovascular to upper body to total lower body -- one can work on things like focus, balance, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes at the same time. This will sharpen your mind, making you feel quicker and more alert from simply playing a racquet game.

Where you play is up to you. Most communities have tennis courts available within their limits, meaning you can pick up a racquet and a ball and head to the courts. For some of the nice gyms out there, members can sign up to use the squash or racquetball courts and get in an intense workout through that avenue.

Keeping up with your health has changed thanks to racquet-based sports. You can enjoy yourself, sparking that competitive nature within yourself, all while getting the health benefits that we all look for when trying to be active. Instead of partaking in workouts that are not fun to us and feel like a chore, being able to get in a competitive game of tennis, racquetball, or squash can make all of the difference in the world in your physical fitness. Change the way you look at your health by partaking in any one of a number of different racquet sports and change the way that you work on your health. Today you can find online a variety of racquet sports equipment produced by different manufacturers and distributed by different vendors. Deal.guide will help you find the racquet sport equipment that will get you going while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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