Discover all the shorts types and models that you should know. From elegant shorts to mini shorts, learn how to find the right shorts for you.

Shorts aren't just for summer anymore. Their look is carrying through to the other seasons as well. Whether You're headed out to the beach or out for an elegant evening, I've got you covered with this year's 7 hottest trends in shorts.

Denim and leather are back in a big way. These classic looks return this year and run the gambit from casual to classy. The shortest of shorts are also making an appearance with mini shorts heating up as well as shorter versions of your other faves. Athleisure continues to leave its mark with more hiking, sports, and beach shorts being seen all around town.

There's a lot to choose from. Shorts aren't just for the beach or park anymore either. Classy short suits are arriving in the workplace as are sexy silk shorts on date night according to Madeline Fass at Vogue Magazine.

Let's look closer at the current fashion trends in women's shorts.

Elegant Shorts

Elegant + shorts? Absolutely! Long gone are the days when it was considered a faux pas if you wore shorts out an evening event. Think of these shorts as the fancy pants of the night.

Elegant shorts range in a multitude of lengths and materials from leather, linen, lace and beaded. Some ways to wear these shorts are with a silk blouse or a fitted jacket. If you want to spice up a subdued look, try adding a bold statement necklace or carry a sleek classic clutch. Shoes will vary with the occasion, but any heel or wedge will complement a fine pair of elegant shorts.

Leather shorts are another nice choice in this category. They come in traditional black and brown, but also burgundy, rust, and red. Matching leather ties and belts bring this look together and go with your traditional silk blouse or sweater.

Short suits are becoming a trend as well. They are perfect for work and any classy event according to Marie Claire. You may see them popping up at dressier events when the temperature is up. The shorts are matched with lighter weight blazers to keep the formality while reducing the smothering effect of heavier wool equivalents. As much fun as you are going to have in this Holly Golightly attire, I don't recommend wearing shorts to a black-tie affair.

Hiking Shorts

As practical as athletic wear can get, hiking shorts should be made of excellent moisture-wicking material, be made for durability, and able to stand up to whatever you throw at them. Think of hiking shorts as another versatile tool you have when you hit the trials. You want the best shorts for the task at hand. They should be comfortable, have excellent flexibility, and be quick-drying and aesthetically pleasing.

You don't have to wear frumpy gym shorts to enjoy a hike with friends. Today's hiking shorts come in a myriad of cute prints and vibrant colors so you are guaranteed to be the cutest one on the trail. Some brands of hiking shorts now have UV blocking technology built-in for that extra layer of defense from the sun. Picking the perfect pair of hiking shorts is as important a choice as any part of equipment for your trek so find something light, flexible, and up to the task.

Splurge for a pair of running shoes in a cute, spirited print or color combo to wear with your hiking shorts. If you must wear hiking boots, team up your look with a brightly colored top or hat to bring some color to the hillside.

Beach Shorts

From fitted boardshorts to a flowy viscose midi, these beach shorts are lightweight and easy to wear. Your casual shorts are perfect for cruising the beach and go from the boardwalk right to a restaurant with a simple change of top. They're also a great cover-up to go over your biking or even wetsuit.

Beach shorts are available in a lot of different looks as well. From 2" to 5" lengths they're also a more modest way to head to the water without showing off. Easily paired with strappy sandals and your favorite pair of summer wedges, these shorts will have you dreaming of your next tropical vacation.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have been around since the beginning of denim itself. Cutoff, tattered, distressed, cuffed, and bedazzled, we've seen it all. Denim shorts are back this season and all the looks are present, minus the bedazzling of course.

Find yourself a pair of cutoffs and pair them with a simple tied-off tee and sneakers and you're out the door quick and easy. Add a floppy hat and some oversized sunglasses to give that "Summer never ends" look. Raggedy hems are ok, you're a free spirit and everyone knows it.

If you find some tailored denim, you can show off your legs with a white tank and a simple plaid shirt over buttoned at the bottom. Feel free to team these up with swanky sandals, heels, or wedges. Anything goes with the clean line of tailored denim.

There is no stress with the distressed look. Holes, scuffs, and white string fringe are A-Okay. Put on your favorite band shirt, even if it's a little tattered as well. Asymmetrical hems are where it's at with this look. Though this is a "Come as you are" way to go, I don't recommend pockets (or your booty cheeks) below the hemline, that tells a whole different story and let's face it, Jessica Simpson is a mother now.

If a retro flair is more your vibe, get you pin curls and Mary-Janes ready, the retro-50s high-waist pants and shorts are also on the comeback trail. So, what's new pussycat? These vintage-inspired shorts will have you feeling like Marilyn, Rita, Betty, or Dita in no time. Today's throwbacks are structured with high waist or empire waistlines and with today's amazing flexibility and fabrics. These vintage-inspired shorts will have your neighbors shouting "Baby, you're the ginchiest!" as they eye the button detail on your pockets and the sleek hidden zipper on your hip.

If you're heading to the Catskills or the Poconos, throw on a Harlequin print empire-waisted pair of shorts with your bikini top and you cat-eye sunnies. Or if you are more of a rebel without a cause, try a white pair of high-waisted shorts with your favorite pink corset and peek-toe heels. These vintage-inspired shorts will have you swooning for the good girl gone bad silhouette as they swaddle your curves and free those gams.

Sexy Shorts

There is a whole world out there of sexy shorts waiting for you to discover them. For me, sexy shorts elongate the leg and accentuate your...assets. Be adventurous and unleash your wild side while wearing a pair of black lace shorts, paired with a see-through mesh top and animal print opaque bra. If the femme fatale look isn't your cup of tea, try pairing the sexy shorts with a high neck bodysuit and heeled booties for a more elegant look. Whatever you choose, it's downright hard not to be sexy while wearing these shorts.

Sports Shorts

Similar to the hiking shorts, sports shorts are a versatile tool from your workout regime. Whether you are at the gym taking a spinning class, run/walking your first 5k, or playing the "best of five" in tennis with your friends, the shorts you choose need to move with you and not be out to get you. You want to look for fabric that has flexibility and is ultralight, breathable, and wicks the sweat from you so it dries quickly. Depending on when you work out, you may want to consider shorts that have reflective details for greater visibility. Also, look for fabric that doesn't stretch out easily or is see-through.

Mini Shorts

Killer style will be yours the moment you put on a pair of mini shorts. Like their counterpart the mini skirt, these shorts are not for the timid wearer. Pure confidence must be displayed when rocking these miis.

Like all shorts, minis come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and lengths from 2" down to 1/2". Minis can be worn year-round. During the summer, throw on your favorite pair of flip flops for a quick out the door meetup while at night you can wear a slinky top with a pair of espadrilles. Your mini shorts can even be worn throughout the colder months. Just pair them with a cozy sweater, some trendy tights, and fur-trimmed boots and you'll be ready to greet Jack Frost.

Conclusion - The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Shorts

The most important thing when choosing a pair of shorts is fit. Make sure you choose a waist fit that flatters your body type. Match your waist height to your hips and choose flattering tops and accessories to pull the right look together. Make sure your waist fits well to avoid the dreaded "muffin top" or shows off any blemishes says Virginia Cafaro of

Don't pair your short shorts with an oversized, long top. You'll have everyone trying to guess if you forgot to put on pants or if you have shorts hiding somewhere in there.

Make sure your shorts provide enough coverage for the occasion. If you're going to be lounging for a concert in the park or leaping to play beach volleyball, you don't want to give a show to every creeper sitting across from you.

Finally, make sure you moisturize and wear sunscreen to protect your skin. The only thing worse than dry, ashy skin is a bright red sunburn or a worrisome trip to the dermatologist.