This deal guide present smartwatches and other wearable different types and features in order to help you find the right one for you.

As technology continues to progress, the things that we are capable of doing and accessing is remarkable. The thought of having a phone in our pockets that would allow us to do the things that we are now capable of doing -- sending instant messages across the globe, tracking our banking information, playing games, etc. -- was once considered a distant, futuristic vision that would not come true in our lifetimes.

With that progression in technology has come the prevalence of smartwatches and other wearable devices. You might ask yourself why something like this is viable given all that we can do with our smartphones these days. The simple answer is convenience. While we have access to almost anything you can think of on our smartphones, there are times where being able to hold and handle a smartphone might not be so convenient.

Think about it like this: if you are out and about, in an outfit that does not come with convenient pockets, it can be difficult to carry a smartphone on your person. When you have something like a smartwatch on you instead, you can still access text messages, check emails, and a wide variety of other features that you might be able to access on your smartphone. It provides you with an additional level of convenience that you may not have when trying to hold and access a smartphone. Check your smartwatch and then forget it as soon as you are done.

Different types of smartwatches and wearable devices 

There are generally two types of smartwatch available on the market: a general-purpose smartwatch as well as a hiking smartwatch. But what does each do and what makes them different in nature from one another? There are a few things that set one apart from the other and can make all the difference in the world when you put them into use.

General-purpose smartwatch 

When a general-purpose smartwatch is referenced, we generally think of the Apple Watch by Apple. There are other brands out there on the market -- Samsung has a popular option that falls in its line of Galaxy products -- and ultimately the preference falls upon the user. But your general-purpose smartwatch can do so many different things that there is really very little difference between a smartwatch and a smartphone.

Your general purpose smartwatches can do several different things: 

Apps: While the full catalog of apps may not be there as compared to a smartphone, there are certainly a number of different apps that are available to use. If you have a smartwatch that is dedicated to a specific function, the apps for that function may be a bit better if being used for that specific purpose.

Media management: This means that you can handle playing music via your smartwatch. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get headphones that will work in accordance with the watch itself. This means things like controlling the volume of the songs and picking tracks via your smartwatch as opposed to having a separate, dedicated device specifically for playing music.

Respond to messages: Being able to stay connected to contacts even without your phone is the benefit of having a smartwatch. Being able to answer text messages or emails is a huge benefit of the smartwatch. Go hands-free and respond to those important messages without having to have a clunky smartphone in your grasp.

Hiking/Diving/Flying watches 

There are dedicated watches for each of these activities that provide specific benefits to that activity. Things for hiking might include weather forecasting, tracking vitals, GPS and navigation, and so much more. For diving, you might get a depth tracker, temperature, and other important water indicators. And for flying, you would get things like a logbook and a GPS-powered map that moves in real-time.

Ultimately, these sorts of watches are a bit more limited to a specific niche, but it handles those niches incredibly well. Finding a watch that is dedicated to the activity that you are participating in can be hugely beneficial. Having access to GPS when out on the trail can be very handy and prevent you from ever getting lost. Features like that can go a long, long way towards improving your overall experience and making things all the more convenient than they may have been previously.

Other wearable devices

There are a variety of other devices that have "smart" features to them, but there are several that are just now starting to find footing in the marketplace. By far the biggest and most marketable wearable device would be fitness trackers. These devices, typically worn on your wrist, can help you keep track of a wide variety of fitness metrics.

Tracking your pulse, the number of steps that you have taken, your heart rate, and knowing how many calories were burned can help you keep track of your stats and even provide a bit of motivation to hit goals that you may have set for yourself. Fitness trackers are a great way to keep track of your progress as well.

There are other niche devices that are beginning to take hold. Head-mounted displays, in particular, are beginning to gain a bit of traction. The Oculus Rift and Google Glass are the two big names on the market and both offer distinctly different functions. Google Glass will offer you features such as sharing videos and recording, taking pictures, as well as finding information. And that is just scratching the surface. The Oculus Rift is more virtual reality-based and can make you feel as if you are in a whole new world.

What to look for in a wearable device 

As discussed above, a smartwatch can offer a wide array of features that you may find yourself taking advantage of. A niche device is great if you plan to use it for that specific activity, but it will get limited use outside of that function. When you get a general-purpose smartwatch, you can give yourself the ease of access to different apps and features that you would normally get when you use your smartphone.

Finding a device that can easily sync up with your mobile device as well as with your computer can make all the difference in the world. When you can tie your contacts, messages, and apps together, it makes for a far greater ease of access and allows you to not have any gaps between your connections. When you keep them separate, you run the risk of having a hole somewhere and wind up missing information.

Durability is also an important feature. If you plan on wearing this device daily, you need to know that it will stand up to the test of time and not break down with a few bumps here and there. A smartwatch will only hold up to so much, but being able to stand up to standard wear and tear is an important aspect.

The wearable device for you 

Adding a smartwatch or other wearable device to your repertoire can be a great addition. If you consider yourself to be something of a fitness buff and want to keep track of your physical activities during the day, having a fitness tracker can be hugely beneficial, especially when trying to keep up with goals that you have set for yourself.

But if you just enjoy added convenience and connectivity with your smartphone, a smartwatch is the way to go. There is so much that you can do with a smartwatch that it makes for the perfect accessory to your smartphone. Plus, smartwatches are very stylish and can go with almost any outfit, giving your attire a pop of beautiful technology to make you stand out.

Smartwatches can help to keep you organized and connected even when you can't have a smartphone on you. Those smartphones are great, but when wearing an outfit where the pocket space is not plentiful can mean that you have to hold your phone for the entire day. Skip that by getting a smartwatch to keep yourself connected instead.

The right smartwatch will keep you in touch without having to lug around that big smartphone and you won't have to spend a ton of time typing back replies. Using that voice-to-text option will make your life all the more convenient and allow you to spend time doing other things instead of responding to messages. Smartwatches are one of the hottest wearable devices on the market today and with good reason. Adding one to your repertoire will be one of the best additions that you can make. Today you can find online a variety of wearable devices produced by different manufacturers and distributed by different vendors. will help you find the wearable device best suited for your needs while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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