This guide describes the basic tools you should have at home for rudimentary maintenance and home improvement.

Maintenance of your home can be a difficult and expensive task. Day to day and season to season maintenance is important for keeping your house in functional order. Seasonal uptake of your large appliances and small appliances can save a substantial amount of money over the year. Moreover, from time to time you would like to hang cartons, rearrange the pictures on the wall, replace your lighting fixtures, attend to your garden, putting together and painting your furniture. All of the tasks mentioned above can be easily done by you, an unprofessional person, if you just had a toolbox with some basic tools. An efficient toolbox not only can save you money but also time. Instead of calling a handyman, scheduling and make time on his schedule not to mention paying for this service, you can attend to all of these tasks on your own time. If you have any basic technical approach you will not only save time and money but you might enjoy it and feel satisfied. If you have kids, the educational benefit for your children could be considerable. Watching their parents take care of home maintenance and home improvement is leading by example demonstrating that we are responsible for our home and the things in it. This will teach your children responsibility, the value of money, self-sufficient and shows them that technical skill is still an advantage in life and employing them could be fun.

To guide you to your perfect essential toolbox for home maintenance and home improvement we compiled a list of tools that everyone should own. Naturally, I suggest you want to buy all the tools on my list right away. Instead, you should start accumulating and gathering your essential tools based on the tasks in hand and over time with the minimal expense you will find that you have accumulated a full set of essential tools. If you attend to your tools and remember to put them back to their place they will serve you for many years.

What are the basic tools you need in your toolbox?

Tool storage

Before diving into our list you first need to consider where are you going to store your tools. Moreover, if the task you are attending is outside, in the garden or another part of your house, it might be convenient to carry several tools with you. Thus the first basic item you should own is an actual toolbox. Toolboxes come in a wide array of sizes, materials and prices range from a few dollars to a few hundred. Toolboxes are perfect for your hand tools however; you will need to set some storage space for your basic power tools in your house.

Screwdriver set

This basic hand tool comes in different sizes and tip types that fit different screw heads (Flat and Phillips heads are the most basic) so you would like to get a set that will cover all basic options. A screwdriver can also be a handy tool for other tasks from opening the lid of a paint can to removing a childproof battery compartment. Our tip for saving money on this tool is to get it as part of essential tools set.

Claw Hammer

a solid metal head hammer is basic but at the same price you can get a Claw hammer one end of it will be used to drive nails and the other end to pull out the bent ones. As other basic hand tools also claw hammers come in different sizes and are made of different materials. Our tip is to get a claw hammer that will fit most of your home relevant tasks. The best size for the claw hammer should have a handle of 16-inch carrying a metalhead of about one pound. Moreover, you can spend a little more and get a hammer with a handle made out shock-absorbing material like rubber, plastic or vinyl and a handling grip. Although these hammers tend to cost a bit more they will make an extensive task much easier.

Tape Measure

If you measure correctly the length of the wood piece you need to cut off the distance from the wall before you drill a hole into it you will avoid mistakes and save time and money i.e. "measure twice cut once". For that task, any measuring tape will do the trick. Usually, measure tapes come in a regular length of 16 feet however their accuracy in small dimensions vary and if you need to measure small a length with precision or small increments we suggest you purchasing addition a small metal ruler.


You hanged, by eye, the new TV screen you bought on your living room wall and your friends came over and notice it is crookedly hung, it is embarrassing and disturbing your eye when you are watching TV. If you want everything you hang to be perfectly horizontally and or vertically leveled you should own a level. This basic tool is a flat bar (made of plastic or aluminum) with a small vessel embedded into it. This vessel contains a liquid with a small air bubble. Tilting the level with move the air bubble due to gravity away from the center of the vessel. When the air bubble appears in the center of the vessel it is horizontally leveled. Levels come in many sizes but for basic home usage, we suggest you buy a small (8-12 inches long) level that will be easily stored and carried in your toolbox. If you are in need of precision, in the last decade digital levels have become more common and these will give you an exact reading of degree deviation for horizontal plain but are substantially more expensive.


Pliers are perfect for holding things tightly, cutting and exposing electrical wires, cutting metal wires, bending metals, etc. Locking, adjustable pliers care names plier wrenches or lever plier wrenches and vice grips are highly versatile. Since they lock in place these pliers can be also used as a clamp. You should have at least one regular pliers with cutting element and one names plier wrench in your basic toolbox.

Adjustable Wrench

If you need to tighten nuts and bolts and loosen plumbing fixtures you need an adjustable, crescent wrench. This one tool will fit almost any size of nuts or bolts and is like having multiple tools in one.

Utility Knife

a knife is an all-around tool that can help you perform multiple tasks from opening boxes and plastic casing to carving out a piece of wood on your deck or fence. We suggest you by one with a decent grip for safety and easy handling. Also, make sure you but a utility knife with a built-in storage for additional blades.


Any household need a flashlight for its emergency kit. However, we suggest you get a designated led flashlight that you will store in your toolbox. Thus, whatever and wherever your task is and no matter what time of day it is you will always have your flashlight with you lighting up your workspace.

Electrical Drill

You can complete your basic toolbox without and electrical drill, however, having an electrical drill dramatically expand the number of home maintenance and home improvement task you can approach yourself. Regular corded drills are powerful and versatile but you will need to have an available socket close by of an extension cord. Cordless electric drill is usually a bit more expensive but you can use them anywhere but you will require a replacement battery so you can continue working without a power source for a longer time. Drills can be used for many other tasks then just drilling holes. You can easily mount on your drill different bits enabling you to use your drill for sanding, grinding materials, polishing, etc.


As the electrical drill a hacksaw is not essential but can be very handy if you have a wooden house, a deck, a shad or you just have a lot of tasks at home that requires cutting wood or plastic (e.g. plumbing pipes). If you wish to cut metal, there are hacksaws designed for that purpose just remember to get with it some replaceable blades.

Other tools you should know

To complete your toolbox we suggest you add to the standard tool listed above the following items: pencil, superglue, duct tape, safety goggles, work gloves, and WD-40.

The basic list of tools above should be expended over time according to your needs and hobbies but should be sufficient for regular household maintenance and home improvement. If you buy these tools and toolbox via you will find a wide array of options suited just for your needs and you can save on average at least fifty cents on the dollar.

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