The perfect breakfast on Toast for you, and how to find the right Toaster for the job.

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Your breakfast is supposed to charge you with energy to start your day focused and refreshed. There are plenty of foods and dishes that are synonym with breakfast but the Toast is the king of breakfast. Toasted bread is easy to prepare if you have the right toaster. A toast is a key element of your breakfast that you can add elements and ingredients to turn it into a fool breakfast.

Suggestions on how you can create a full breakfast on a Toast  

  1. Naturally, we will start with the classics. Honey, butter, jam and chocolate spreads are perfect if you are in a rush and will do the trick with a cup of coffee or milk, however, toast could be much more than that and a toast could play a major component in a healthier and diverse breakfast.

  2. Cheese Toast is another classic breakfast dish. You can use a variety of cheeses depending on what you like and what you have available at home. However, you can add vegetables to your cheese toast to add some more healthy and tasty ingredients to your breakfast.

  3. For none vegetarian, I would suggest trying my favorite toast which is cream cheese with smoked salmon. This type of toast will provide you with some proteins to start your day and is very tasty.

  4. For the vegetarians and vegans among us, there are also many options for a toast based breakfast. Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a cheese toast like everybody else as the number and variety of cheese made out of a variety of unexpected ingredients including soy, tree nuts and seeds, Coconut, Flour, Root vegetables, Aquafaba and more. My personal favorite these days is the new trending superfood, Avocado. The mineral, vitamin-rich Avocado is perfect for your toast. Its creamy texture and fabulous flavor make it highly popular with kids, adults independent of their dietary choices and you should try it on your toast.

Basic parameters you should consider when choosing your toaster 

Toasters haven’t changed much in the last few decades. However, the advancements in computers and electronics made toasters much smarter and these days you can find toasters that can deal with frozen bread, different thicknesses of the slice, etc. However, when you strip off the technology it comes down to even and consistent toasting of the bread slice.

  1. The number of slots: The first thing you should consider is how many of you are actually having toast for breakfast in your household. You can find toasters with 2-6 slots enabling preparation of multiple toasts at the same time which is perfect if you have a big family that you need to feed in a harry every morning. It is important to test that every slot in your toaster performs well and evenly.
  2. Slot width: Another basic parameter is the width of the toaster opening. This might be important is you like to toast bagels which a thicker. 
  3. Even Toasting is the most critical parameter to consider when choosing a toaster. Your toaster should produce consistently even crisp toasting from both sides of the slice without missing any point and without any burnt spots. In most current toasters the heating is provided by nichrome wires while the more expensive ones rely on quartz elements which can be more precisely controlled and heat up faster. These toasters usually are superior and provided toasts in higher quality and faster however, they are more expensive.
  4. Toasting setting is usually a knob controlling the temperature of the heating elements. Controlling the heating will enable you to have your toast from lightly golden to dark brown crust. The higher-end quartz elements toaster usually provides better control over toasting settings.
  5.  Toasting consistency: In many instances, you have a couple of rounds of toast made by your toaster. Naturally, one would expect the same outcome in both. However, many toasters tend to heat up flowing the first round and the subsequent round tends to be much crisper or even singed. Thus, regulating the heating temperature is highly important and depending on which toaster you end up buying you should keep this point under consideration when making subsequent rounds of toasting. I suggest that you slightly dial down the temperature in the second round for better performance.
  6. manual lever: Look for a manual lever on the toaster you wish to buy. This lever will help you to safely lift out the toast out of the slot. Moreover, this lever can help you lower down the slices of bread into the slots instead of just dropping them. 
  7. The toaster body should not warm up while it working so you won't get burnt while operating the toaster or while removing the finished toasts from their slots.
  8. If you have limited space in your kitchen you should look for a compact toaster that cools down rapidly so it could be stored away at the end of use. 
  9. Consistency during repeated use: A toaster is an everyday kitchen appliance thus is should provide you with consistent results on a daily basis for hundreds or even thousands of mornings. Therefore, you should consider the materials your toaster is made of and its construction including buttons and knobs.
  10. Removable crumb tray: There is nothing you can do' while preparing your toast some crumbs will drop to the bottom of the slot. These crumbs will add up daily and eventually will affect the quality and consistency of your toast, as well as its smell as the crumb in the bottom of the slot, tend to burn during consecutive use. An untreated crumb that is aggregating in your toaster might even harm the toaster by causing a power shortage or choosing permanent damage. You can always do what my mom did which is turn it over the sink and bang on its backside. However, most new toasters come with a removable crumb tray located under the toasting slots. This tray makes cleaning and maintenance of your toaster easy and will keep the consistency and quality of the toasts that your toaster produces.
  11. Additional controls: Many new toasters comes with additional useful buttons designed to make your toasting easier. Two popular buttons are used for toasting cancellation that you can hit once you start smelling burnt bread or a button which will cause uneven heating of the wires in the slots that are designed for bagel toasting.
  12. Price: Toasters range from 10-200 USD depending on size, material and assembly quality, heating system, etc. However, you should consider that you will use this small appliance almost every day so you should buy a toaster that will last and consider a bit more. gathered for you a variety of toaster deals with substantial discounts that allow you to afford a better toaster that will brighten your morning with a perfect golden-brown toast every day.

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