This deal guide detail current and trendy fragrance dominating the top brand's perfumes to help you find yours.

Fragrances are super fun and exciting way to express ourselves. There are basically infinite scents available, which makes choosing one an exhilarating adventure. With endless choices, it can also be a little overwhelming. But fret not, picking a scent that's right for you will be a breeze. There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right perfume.

Base Scents of Fragrances 

One of the most basic things to consider when you are looking for a new fragrance is the scent. Sure, that seems a bit obvious, but it is good to know what to look for in a new fragrance. There are five base scents and from there, additional hints and notes of other smells can be added. The four base scents consist of:

Fresh: This is not a wildly popular scent, as it closely resembles soap. It is meant to give users a feeling of being fresh.

Woodsy/Earthy: This scent is pretty popular is gives a warm and cozy feeling when worn. They are usually considered to be a more intimate smell. They consist of sandalwood scents and various spices.

Oriental: This is probably the most preferred scent for some, as it contains sultry scents like musk and amber.

Sugary: Things like caramel and other sugary scents have surfaced on the scent spectrum. They are typically found in spritzed sprays that are generally cheaper in quality.

Fruit: Fruity smells can be of high-end perfumes or even cheaper counterparts. They are paradises of mangoes, apples, and other favored fruits.

When on the lookout for a new scent, consider these base scents. Take into consideration scents you prefer over others. The very foundation of choosing a new fragrance is knowing what basic scent spectrum you will be wanting. With that in mind, it is important to know where you'll wear the scent as well.

Wear Your New Scent in Confidence! 

After you have may decide on a certain scent (or even before), consider where you will be wearing it. You will want to think about this as matching a scent with a mood or occasion will not only enhance the moment but give you confidence. That is one the most wonderful thing about finding a new fragrance, is knowing you have the confidence to sport it at the moment you want. Think about the following situations when choosing a new scent.

Work: Some places of employment may have no fragrance rules, but if they don't, you will want to choose something a bit light. You will be around people who may have allergies, etc. A scent that is not overwhelming is best in this scenario. It will keep you feeling your best, but still, keep the office from being overwhelmed by scent.

Date Night: Date night can be with a new partner or a long-time lover, but either way you can pick something sensual. Sparking up the night with the right scent can make it all the better. This is where you will want to pick something that makes you feel comfortable and sexy!

Out with Friends: Whether you are out shopping, grabbing drinks or finding a new restaurant, time with friends is always bound to be an adventure. A new scent will keep you feeling fun and funky. Your friends will surely notice your new scent and might even compliment you.

Building A Better You! 

While fragrances play a significant part in our lives both socially and personally, what is most important is feeling great. With the right smell, we can transform ourselves into whatever we want. You have the power to build a better you with finding a scent that grabs your attention. It gives you freedom of expression to wear it with pride and excitement. It brings to life a new persona while you wear it. With that said, it truly gives the freedom behind being true to yourself while staying fresh every day. Perfume gives way to being stylish and making a statement about how you want to flaunt your new scent to those you care about or even just to boost yourself up.

Bringing to life a new persona does not mean that you won't be staying true to who you are. It just simply means you will be wearing a scent that boosts your confidence and gives you the empowerment to take on anything. Be daring to try something outside of your comfort zone, but remember what scents really give you happiness overall.

Seasons of Scents! 

Every season has a scent that is best suited for it. Picking something to wear during each season can be something to look forward to when that season finally arrives. It gives each season a little more meaning. This is especially true during times like holiday dinners with family and holiday parties. Below are some of the most popular seasonal scents.

Spring: Floral scents are most used during this half rain, half sunny season. It helps gives you the promise of blooming buds all over.

Summer: Fun in the sun warrants fruits. Sweet smelling and light on the nose, breeze through summer with fruits galore.

Fall: When the leaves start dropping, it's time for the scents that make you feel extra cozy. Hints of vanilla or amber are super popular in the Fall time.

Winter: One of the most popular scents associated with Winter is sandalwood. You'll want to feel cozy and comfy with the snow blowing around.

Current Fragrance Trends 

The world of fine fragrance is constantly looking for ways to stay above the competition. You may think that fragrance is just a small process, but there is a lot that goes behind the bottle you choose. Every drop is considered to be important and the research that goes behind that is essential. Below are some of the current fragrance fashion trends today.

Floral Scents: Usually associated with Spring, the floral scent market is making a huge wave into the fashion world of fragrances causing a floral bloom boom. The reasoning behind this is that the floral notes add to perfumes being more "natural", "clean" and without any additives to achieve desired scents. This need for natural and clean products has taken the current society by storm and has reached many outlets like food among others. Floral scents are being created now with floral essential oils and extracts to provide a more concise scent. They also are falling under "cruelty-free" and "vegan" categories of scents. 

Celebrity Branding: While celebrity branding is not exactly new, there are more and more famous faces dishes out scents. This is widely because they want to create a persona of themselves outside of what they are typically known for. This not only broadens the market of perfumes out there but helps gives you the option to wear something that your favorite celebrity has endorsed.

Sandalwood: This scent is increasingly becoming more and more preferred. It just gives an Earthy tone that smells great for basically any occasion.

Unisex Scents: Usually "fragrance" for men is considered to be "cologne" and is chalked full of manly scents and musky tones. However, in today's society, a desire for unisex scents is on the rise. fragrance should not be limited to any sex and scents can be worn by anyone, as preferences do differ.

Minimalism: Unnecessary ingredients in your fragrances just are not needed! One of the biggest trends carrying on throughout 2019 is minimalism. To have less truly is more, and helps keep up with consistency. Products with fewer ingredients make it easier to provide great smells that stay consistent throughout.

Fruity Redefined: Oftentimes, fruit scents (and sugary scents) are associated with cheap labels. This is becoming less true as more classy brands are bringing fruit to the forefront with sultry smells that can keep up with the bigger scents.

Leather Scents: Leather is making a big splash among fragrance lovers. It often gives users a feeling of a sexual and intimate nature. It is a rugged scent that makes its users quite mysterious to some.

Being Immersive: Shopping for a new scent should usually take place in person, as you will need to actually smell it to make a final decision. While online shopping is a huge trend currently, the brick and mortar stores are needing to step their game up. With this in mind, stores are pushing their fragrance counters to give a truly immersive experience to their customers. They will be a little theatrical but mostly scoping you for personal preference. Trying a few scents out before committing gets made into an experience rather than just "trying before buy".

Low Waste: The rise of keeping green is a good trend hitting society. Fragrance companies are making more efforts to keep up with this up and rising trend. In doing so, they are striving to have less packaging in their products. The whole "less is more" really takes reign in the fragrance world.

Tips for Making a Good Choice 

With all the scent related concepts out of the way and the trends to consider, what tips are there to think about? Sure, knowing the scent you may want to consider is crucial, but the process of picking has its pecking order as well. Below are some basic tips for picking out a new scent.

Human Physiology: Everyone's body reacts differently to things we ingest and put on ourselves. Just because you may have smelled a scent you like on someone else, does not mean it will transfer the same to you. Our bodies are made up of natural oils that mix and mingle with the fragrances we spray on ourselves. Consider this when shopping around and try it to make sure it creates the scent you want to convey.

Knowing How to Apply Fragrance: Some may think spraying on perfume is easy, which well it is. However, knowing the key places to put it will help it last a bit longer. Some fragrances are known for not lasting too long and others will last for a while. But what are the best places to spray? It is considered to be best to spray around areas where your pulse is; but why? The body temperature rises in these areas and will keep the scent linger a little longer. These places include wrists, nape of the neck, elbow creases, etc.

Never Rub It In: Rubbing fragrance tends to alter its smell. The friction from the action wastes valuable scent. Let it soak in and lay upon the skin instead.

Good Things Come in Small Packages: It may be tempting to purchase a bulky bottle of fragrance. This could be for a variety of reasons. It has an attractive package or you just really love the scent. But smaller bottles have great scents as well and will keep better than the big bulky things. Small bottles will get used a bit faster, but you will not need to spray a bunch of it on to get the desired effect. The big bottles tend to sit on shelves longer and end up losing the power of their scent.

Have Fun with Your Choice! 

While there are many things to take into account before making a commitment to a new scent, have fun with it! The experience of trying new scents and spicing up your vanity table should be something to celebrate. You will be picking something that makes a statement about who you are and what you like to smell like. Make yourself happy by having as much fun as possible in the process. The fun of it can come from pure joy of finding a new smell or shopping with a best friend. Even if shopping alone, it can be a great time scanning a fragrance counter on the hunt for the new you!

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