This deal guide describes the most common voice control devices to help you find the best products for you.

Technology continues to develop and with that development comes some truly cool and useful items and features. It wasn’t that long ago that smartphones weren’t even a thing; now, we have the ability to control just about every aspect of our lives from our phones. That is pretty incredible when you think about it.

One of the areas of technology that is growing the fastest is home automation and voice control functionality. More and more people are beginning to take advantage of the fact that you can control a variety of different features and functions throughout your home with just the use of your voice.

This is great for creating a level of convenience that just did not exist as recently as five years ago. You can link up your entire home – your entire life, really – with voice control and get things done far quicker and more easily than you ever could have before. This deal guide will help you know the new breed of voice control devices and locate the best deal for your favorite products.

Remote voice control is taking over! 

Smart homes are now becoming a thing thanks to wireless integration as well as remote voice control. You can control all of the appliances in your home, your thermostat, even your lights with just one command. The homes that we used to see in cartoons or television shows are now a possibility. How cool is that?

One of the most popular devices for this function is the Amazon Echo. These come in a variety of sizes and versions, but you might be familiar with Alexa. Alexa is the voice that speaks from the Echo, interacting with you and carrying out the functions that you so desire.

With Alexa, you can issue a simple command – “Hey Alexa” – and if you have those devices or appliances synched up with your Amazon Echo, she will operate a number of different commands based on your directive. You can literally control your entire home without having to touch anything.

There are others on the market that are gaining popularity. Google Home, in particular, is becoming a fast rival to Alexa and the Amazon Echo. It offers much of the same functionality, just in Google’s particular brand of packaging.

With these smart home devices, it is a matter of finding what is most comfortable and preferable to you. Having connectivity throughout your home can really come in handy when you aren’t even at home. Being able to access your thermostat from your phone while out on the go means that you can set your thermostat to the exact temperature that you want. In the summer, this means coming home to a cool home; in the winter, your house can be toasty warm when you arrive. Never have to program the thermostat by hand again.

Different types of voice control devices 

Google Home or Amazon Echo are essentially the main switches that can control everything. But there are individual devices that need to be tied to these units to work in unison with the Echo or Home. There are a litany of different devices that you can set up in your home to control everything from the lights to the temperature and everything in between.

Remote controls 

These are becoming more popular with smart televisions. For instance, Amazon has a Fire TV as well as a Fire TV Stick. Through your remote, you can tell Alexa to search for something that you are looking for. The results will be displayed based on what is available, eliminating that annoying searching that you would have had to do previously, painstakingly typing in each character.

There are some voice control remotes that can even find a song or movie based on a quote or a line. This is great for when you have something stuck in your head but can’t quite remember where it came from. Find those shows, movies, or songs that might have been lost with just a quick question to your voice control device.

Smart light switch 

These can easily be tied to your smart home device with what is known as a smart plug. It is a device that houses anywhere from 3-6 different plugs; you plug in things like your lamps into them and then you control that switch from your phone or with a quick command to your smart home device.

This is particularly great if you are comfortable on the couch, enjoying a movie, and want to set the mood. Before, you’d have to get up, walk across the room and turn the lamp off. Now, you can issue a command to your smart home device and adjust the room lighting with just a few words. This is helpful too when you leave the house: never wonder if you left lights on again.

Vacuum Cleaner 

Robotic vacuums have become very popular.. It is a little robot in the shape of a disc that roams your home looking for dust and dirt to pick up. All you have to do is empty it and charge it.

With a regular vacuum cleaner, there comes a whole bundle of issues. You have to take it out of the closet, unwind the chord, make sure that you have enough chord to cover the entire area that you want to vacuum, push the thing around, and then put it away.

With voice control robotic vacuums, you can set it to roam at specific hours. Set it for while you are at work and you can come home to a freshly vacuumed house. Never take on that annoying chore again when you can have your little vacuum robot do it for you.

Car Dash Cam 

These are becoming a necessity in rapid fashion. With all of the troubles in the world today, having recorded video evidence is what you will need if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Never go based on a word again, just show them the proof.

These are particularly helpful when filing claims with insurance companies in the event of an accident. Before dash cams, this process could take quite a while as the company would hear both sides of the story and then have to determine who was at fault. Acquiring a voice controlled dash camera can improve your safety as you can control the devices without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

With dash cam footage, you would just submit it with your claim and take all of the guesswork out of it. Not only will this keep you protected in the event of an accident, you can expedite the claims process by taking the guesswork out of it for your insurance company.

Portable speaker 

For those of us born before the year 2000, portable speakers only came in one form: a boombox. Boomboxes were huge, clunky pieces of equipment that were severely limited compared to home stereo equipment (which was also huge and clunky).

They were also severely limited. You could get the local radio or pop in a CD/cassette and play a limited number of songs. But now, there are portable speakers with a huge array of options to allow you to bring your music with you without any of the hassle that a boombox came with.

The vast majority of wireless speakers now come with Bluetooth functionality. What does this mean for you? It means that you can connect this device to any Bluetooth capable device. Bringing a portable speaker and your phone with you means that you have access to streaming music services; you can bring the party with you anywhere that you go.

Best of all, you get home stereo quality audio out of speakers that are a fraction of the size of those archaic systems. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of space or money on getting quality sound that you can take with you on the go.

If you are going to a friend's house, a cookout, or a party, you can bring the tunes with you effortlessly. These things can also connect to home computers or any other Bluetooth capable device so that you can easily access any stored music or streaming music services. This is one of the most prevalent examples of voice control/Bluetooth features that have come leaps and bounds in a short time.

Give in to change! 

The obvious caveat aside – if your power goes out, you will lose all of this connectivity. And if your WiFi goes out, likely – household automation gives you a level of convenience that we only dreamed about previously.

Being able to control all aspects of your home gives you the comfort of being able to set temperatures effortlessly, lock your home if you forgot to do so before heading out, and a list of other functions that you never knew you needed before.

The one downside is that it is not as simple as getting one of these voice control devices. They need other recognizable devices to communicate with; they can’t tell your 40-year-old lamp to turn off unless it is plugged into a smart plug.

But adapting with the times has never been easier and you can bring the kind of form and function into your home that will make your life exponentially easier. Make your homework for you instead of working to use the features of your home. Today you can find online all types of voice control devices produced of different brands. will help you find the best deals while saving fifty cents on the dollar.

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