This deal guide covers everything you need to know about handbags and purses from basic types to current fashion trends.

Shopping for clothing and shoes is absolutely at the top of every fashion loving woman's list. However, probably one of the most fun things to shop for is a new handbag or purse. There is just something super special about finding a quirky new bag to accessorize our favorite outfits! Throughout the years, trends have fluctuated on the front line of purses. 2019 has and continues to promise some really interesting choices. Before you dig into the newest trends though, consider what type of handbag will suit you and your needs!

Classic Types of Purses For You and Your Closet

Did you know that there are over 20 types of bags? Each one truly gives freedom to express your style. However, a choice of bag can be brought on by certain moods as well. Whatever you're feeling, with so many options you will surely find a classic type to grasp onto! Below are some of the iconic types to choose from! With over 20 choices, these are classics to have in your closet.

Baguette Bag

As the name implies, looking at this bag might make you want some lunch! Popularly named after the French Baguette, as its shape resembles the tasty bread, this bag is a cute little package. It features shorter straps making it perfect for inner arm carrying. It is best paired with dressier clothing, however, not formal wear.

Bucket Bags

This traditional type is a larger bag with a rounded bottom. If you love carrying a lot of your favorite things, bucket bags are perfect for anything and everything you want to carry. They generally have adjustable straps with drawstrings, but not always.

Cross Body Bag

This variation can be dressy or casual, depending on its color scheme and fabrics. They cross the body from shoulder to hip, leaving you free to explore the world without the task of lugging around a purse. They are about mid-sized, so carrying the important stuff to you is still plausible.

Clutch Bag

One of the most popular purse variations, the clutch is a timeless favorite. It is known for having no straps so it literally has to be "clutched". Its small design coordinates perfectly with dress wear and formal wear. They are chic and fabulous looking with embellishments, solid colors, or other various fabrics and materials.

Hobo Bag

Don't let the 'hobo' scare you away! This casual, free form purse truly lets you get comfy with your style. It slouches and is made of soft materials usually. They are mid-sized to large-sized and have plenty of space for all your goodies.

These are just some of the most popular choices, however, you can dig a little deeper to find more options

Handbag Fashion Trends of 2019/2020 Winter

The fashion world is interesting because it is not afraid to push boundaries. 2019 has proven and continues to be the year of thinking outside of the box when it comes to purses and handbags. Below are some of the most fab trends hitting the 2019 Fall and Winter scene this year!

Reptile Print

Whether or not you are a fan of the reptile animal kingdom, they are so in for carrying among your arm! These embossed bags offer up some strong standing looks. From browns to greens and everything in between, the skin is in and ready to be flaunted!

Warm N' Fuzzy

There is nothing quite like feeling cozy and comfy. When it comes to your handbag, the hot trend is flared up fuzz. From wild colors to Sherpa fuzz, these bags are perfect for winter. They really add a bit of spark to the bulky winter coats we tend to wear.

Stay in Shape

No. we don't mean exercise (although that is important!). One of the most quirky trends of the 2019 Fall and Winter season is the odd-shaped purse. These can vary from cubes and boxes with detailed embellishments or bold colors to geometric shapes that will blow your mind! This particular type of bag (or accessory perhaps) really makes an exciting statement. These are perfect if you love following the beat of your drum!

Belt Bags

The belt bag resembles the old faithful fanny pack. But instead of being brightly colored bags with black straps, these designer belt bags hug to your body effortlessly and stylishly! They are chic and luxurious looking and allow you to be hands-free and accessible to do whatever is on your busy agenda!

While these are some daring new trends hitting the Winter scene, there are more to check out as well

Properly Matching Your Purse to Your Outfit

As we have mildly touched base on earlier, certain bags fit well with certain outfits. The previous example was the clutch bag, as it is strictly for formal wear. It is ideal to match your purse to the correct type of outfit you are wearing. Below are some key points to remember when choosing a particular style of bag to carry!

Don't Get too Match Crazy

Matching colors is a hugely misunderstood concept of fashion. One of the golden rules of fashion is to never match an overall color with an accessory. For example, if your dress is red, do not overdo it and get a red purse. If you are wearing a print, do not get a purse with the same print. You want to compliment the outfit rather than compete against itself. Matching the purse color with an accessory like jewelry (click here for top jewelry deals), for example, is a great way to keep the style flow at the proper rate. Consider the red dress again if you are wearing gold jewelry. A golden purse would be stark enough for the red and compliment it well!

Overall Clothing Look

When you piece an outfit together, you may not think much about the type of purse you are going to grab. However, the overall look of your outfit should pair with the bag you choose. A great example of this is if you are wearing leggings or skinny jeans, reach for the slouch bag in your closet. Why? Because the larger size of the slouch will pair perfectly with the slimmer looking aspect of your pants. Another prime example is when heading off to work. Think about the dress pants you are wearing and the professional look you are trying to convey. This calls for a tote bag with solid straps. It will keep you looking your best and make for a great day on the job.

Those are just two of the basic purse to outfit ratios. You can learn a bit more about matching your bag to your outfit.

Handbags for Special Occasions

We have covered the basic types and how to match your bag to your outfit, but did you know certain occasions call for a bit more consideration? You may or may not have thought of this before. However, you want to look your best for all the special moments' life has to offer. The bag you choose will truly set the tone. Consider the following examples as a guideline for appropriate bag choice.


Weddings are tricky. Are you the bride? Are you the bridesmaid? Are you the guest? What is the theme? There are a lot of questions to think about when it comes to choosing a bag for a wedding. Remember, formal wear calls for a clutch. It keeps the overall look of the outfit as sleek and chic. However, not every wedding is the same and not all weddings require formal wear. This is especially true if you are the guest. Sometimes guests can get away with wearing sundresses etc. With this in mind, consider something with small straps or even a frame bag. Frame bags have a coin purse feel to them, except they have a small, solid hard handle to carry them by. These are perfect for carrying makeup (makeup deals here!) to touch up the face in the late evening hours.

Date Night

Whether it's your first date or a night out with your significant other, the purse you pick can be stylish and related to the event. For date night, consider the tote bag or quilted bag. The quilted bag is smaller and has quilted raised fabric on it. It still holds all your essentials while keeping your look as chic as possible.

Night Out with the Girls

A night on the town can be exhausting, especially after a few drinks. A great rule of thumb here is not to weigh yourself down. You want to be free moving so you can dance the night away and get to the next club. Crossbody bags are perfect for this, though just be mindful of tucking it too far behind you. You don't want anyone unauthorized accessing your stuff.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

With a buffet of choices among you, explore a little! Choose a bag that will make you feel confident and excited to carry it. Whether it is a classic type you are familiar with or maybe you are exiting your comfort zone, make it memorable! For myself, I tend to reach for the shoulder bag or the tote bag. Tote bags are great if you need to carry things like a notebook and pens to the office. The shoulder bag is one of my favorites because it tends to have various pockets and zippers. This comes in handy when I have various things I want to keep handy like makeup or breath mints. Whatever you end up choosing, have fun with it!

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